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Life Swap

“Welcome to my life!” She sighed as she pulled her suitcase out the door! Amber was leaving me with her house and her car – And her kids! For FOUR DAYS!

So Amber and I have swapped lives – or more accurately, I’ve stepped into her life during this week. For the next few days, I get to hang out with her two teenagers, cook for them, drive them to school, fetch them, au pair them, really. Also, because it’s Cape Town and your girl is on school holiday, I also get to squeeze in some holiday time too! So I put together 3 things one needs in order to do well as an Au pair – well, according to me!

Do you Boo!

When dealing with kids of any age, the best thing you can do to impress them is to be yourself! I’ve learned from the classroom that kids see right through that mask you put on hoping they’ll think you’re cool – you’re not cool to them, ok?! You’re just an old person they’re still deciding if they can or can’t tolerate! So take that mask off and be the version of yourself that you don’t have to think too hard about, and maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll like you! And you’ll be much less anxious about it, believe me!

One day at a time

Hot breakfasts and lunch boxes, soccer practice and AP English. Pick ups and drop offs and home cooked dinners after homework! There is a lot to remember every day if you want to keep these people alive. The trick really is to take everything as it comes and focus on one thing at a time, one day at a time. If you let your mind get overloaded by everything before it comes, you’ll go crazy and mess it all up!

Squeeze in time for some fun

Well, like I said, even though I’m looking after people who have their normal school routine, I am still on holiday and I am allowed to play! So after dropping off the kids at school, I have a few hours to galavant around the city and do some of my own exploring before school is out. I just got back from Seapoint’s outside gym and took a walk along the beach. I’ve even been asking complete strangers to take pictures of me😂 I am in another city after all! Mama needs some salt air and adventure!

Well, I still have a few days here and I plan to make the most of the time! I’m so glad I agreed to this! Have a beautiful week,dear readers! You want, you can follow me of Twitter and/or Instagram (@nolo_yiso) for all of my shenanigans this week and every day, really

Ok, bye!

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Baby Mama

In Africa and many other cultures, I suppose, we are expected to grow up, get married, pop out a few kids and live happily ever after -or something like that. But if you are a real adult, you know that life is much more complicated than these “simple” steps.

I’m 34 years old and I have no kids yet. I don’t think my ovaries are broken. I’ve just always placed more value in having babies with someone rather than so that I could be a mother. I am yet to find “The One” and this is just how my life has unfolded. I’m not entirely sad about it.

“What?! You don’t have kids? Why not? You should get to it, you’re not getting any younger!”

Today, I want to address the elephant in my room called life: babies. And I actually want to officially face what people have thrown at me about my lack of children over the years.

Don’t you want babies?

In my most honest moments, I have looked myself in the mirror and asked myself the same question. I love kids – hell, I teach kids – don’t I want my own? Well, when I was younger, it wasn’t a matter of wanting them. I actually just always took it for granted that I would have them, period. Now that I’m older and my window is getting smaller, I realize that while I wouldn’t be opposed to having a mini me running around, If I hit menopause and am no longer able to have kids, I’ll be ok with it- I think I may be wrong but for now, that’s where I’m at on the matter. I vaguely remember a time in my late 20s when I was prone to occasional broodiness, but it was never an overwhelming compelling feeling. In a nutshell, I guess I do want kids, but I’ll be cool if I don’t ultimately have them.

You’re supposed to have kids. It’s time now!

This one is for all the people out there who look at women like me expectantly whenever our peers have babies: stop implying that women should have children at any point in their lives! You will come to my baby shower, but you will not be in the delivery room nor will you be up with me at 3am for feedings and changings. You will not be there to help me financially or emotionally when it gets too much. You will be supportive and sometimes help,but it won’t be entirely your responsibility. It requires more than just my body to bring a child into the world and much more than that to raise this little human being in this world!

Yes, these little people are a wonder, and I often wish I could see what someone with my genes would look like and what type of person they would turn out to be. I wonder if I would be a good mother and if I can give this person all the tools they need to make it in their own lives.

Yes, sometimes I have a mild… yearning for a baby of my own. But I want the right circumstances to have that baby. And until those circumstances come into being, it can wait – really! I never want to find myself in a situation I feel I should have avoided or was not ready for. I don’t want to look on at my child and fight back a twinge of regret.

Please share your views! If you don’t have kids yet, what’s your take on the matter? Are you waiting or have you decided not to go there? I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for popping in! It’s always a pleasure to have you here. Have an awesome week! I’m looking forward to another adventurous week ahead! I’ll tell you all about it in due time😘


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Anonymous: Dream Sellers

Surprise! Due to adulting, I missed last month’s anonymous post! I’m sorry, but I’m making up for it! Enjoy this month’s edition!
Fellow readers, may I take you on a journey? As a little girl, I was constantly warned of dream sellers. At such a tender age, I was very unfamiliar with the term. I didn’t bother to ask further questions because, in my head I had sworn I’d never come across any. As time passed and I grew older, the term began to unravel itself to me. This occurred through a series of events and a number of people. The different people I came across sold all sorts of dreams, sometimes the smallest dream that was sold had the biggest impact.
A dream seller is a person who “sells” a dream of them not being who they really are. They say whatever they can to make others believe they are better off than they really are. They tell people what they want to hear. They sell a dream of being someone else’s view. At some point, we all have a dream seller in us. But you can’t be a full blown dream seller unless your case is extremely bad to the point of leading a double life. The term was coined by Brandon Novak. There’s also a book about his addiction with this title. Now that has been explained, we can move forward.
You see, the thing about dream sellers is that not only do they affect your perspective on life, they instill in you a bundle of false hopes. The intention of a dream seller is meant to manipulate the mind of an independent individual, the benefits arise in the long term. Dream sellers are aware that placing an idea in one’s mind gives power to distract one from their true path.
The intention of today’s post was to awaken those who have been put to sleep by dream sellers. The people who have lost their independence, motivation and sight of their own goals. Dream sellers have one purpose and that is to bring a great individual to a point of self doubt and false expectations, a dream seller is toxic and never tells the truth.
Stop waiting for the world to make you happy or for someone to come into your life and promise you the world. Start taking initiative of your own goals and climbing your own ladder of success. Take your own path & journey to self. Stop depending on dream sellers & start focusing on making your own dreams a reality.

If you have a dream seller story, feel free to share in the comments.


Thank you so much for popping in! have a beautiful day😘

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Play Date

Treat every moment as though you have chosen it

What a joy it is to sleep until you wake up on your own instead of the invasive sound of the alarm!

During school holidays, I get to do some exploring of The City of Gold and yesterday, we spent the afternoon at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, right next to The Emmerentia Dam.

This park is a real retreat from the bustle of the city with our only contenders being the grazing geese. The grounds are extremely well kept and the surrounding residents take time to come here for a run, a walk or in search for Pokemon (I can’t believe this is still a thing!)

It was really a good day to spend with friends! If you’re in the area take some time out to enjoy this serene place!

Thanks so much for popping in today! I hope you’re having an awesome day😘

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Ice Cream Date

What would you do with 4 weeks of break with no work to do? Well, I’m in these particular shoes ( I can feel your death stares! Stop it!) Ya girl is a lady of leisure now – humble brag! Schools are closed for the next month and I’m looking forward to a whole lot of chilling!

I have loads of things to share with you and I’m going to do my best to scatter it all out! I’ll have more time on my hands to schedule the next few posts for you so dont worry about me littering your mail!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream! I finally got to try out Crumbs and Cream the other day, and I must say, I was impressed!

Sandwiched between fine cuisine restaurants, this ice cream joint is the spot for some dessert after a dinner date next door, but is also perfect for a quick treat after gym – counterproductive, I know, but it’s so worth it!


You can sandwich an ice cream of your choice between two cookies also of your choice. If you don’t want cookies, you can opt for a donut, ooooor and top it up with a topping of your choosing, be it nuts or just good ole chocolate sauce! The varieties are endless! It is delightful!

If you have a sweet tooth like me and like me, you enjoy variety and switching things up in your treats menu, then this is the little spot for you! They even deliver to the comfort of your home!

Thank you so much for popping in today! I’m going on a picnic in Tuesday and will tell you all about it on Wednesday! Have an awesome week! I’ll be at work with you – in spirit😘

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Heart to Heart

They say that charity begins at home. That’s why I’m so proud of my school for this amazing initiative!

What is Heart to Heart?

An initiative aimed at looking beyond ourselves and our needs, Heart-to-Heart has taken the time to consider people who are less fortunate than they are. This is truly an act of love and the very essence of Ubuntu.

It’s an initiative started by some members of the Dominican Convent School staff and their students aimed at giving back to members of the school’s surrounding community.

To help raise funds for the day, Heart- to- Heart sold popcorn at the school over several days.

Dominican Day

Our school is actively developing a culture of giving, a value that we hope will remain with students for the rest of their lives. Learners will be given the opportunity to see the fruits of their charitable actions come to life as they interact with the less fortunate. This unique initiative will allow learners to relate with the less fortunate on a personal level, teaching students to see them as people despite their circumstances.


The jumble sale of the clothes donated by members of the Dominican School community allows the learners of the school to interact with the local community.

Tomorrow is the Dominican Fun day which is intended for interaction with the community. Learners, teachers, and children from the local foundation will take part in different fun activities. This should make for a fun-filled day to end off the second term!

I can’t wait for tomorrow! I’ve signed myself up for all the activities in cling a three-legged race!

What charitable activities do you participate in in your area? We should really share idea so that we can all do more for those in need! Thank you for popping in! I’ll chat to you on Sunday😘

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I Wear What I Like

Fashionable? Me? Definitely not! Most days, I just throw things together and hope I don’t look too bad! Sometimes I get it right and other times, I miss the mark completely! I figure as long I feel good, it doesn’t matter if I actually look good! I found this cute skirt from the Heart-to-Heart thrift shop on Friday.

Well, it’s not a thrift shop more than a box of old clothes collected to sell in order to raise funds. I’ll tell you all about it on Wednesday when I’ve done more digging around about the schools’ initiative.In the meantime, tell me what you think of the skirt and tell me in the comments section how you put your outfits together! I’d love to hear from you! Thank you so much for popping in! It’s always a delight to have you here! Have a good week and we’ll chat on Wednesday😘