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Be Drunken During COVID – 19 Lockdown

It is day 3 of a national lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are to stay in our homes and we can only leave for emergencies. It is for our own safety but it is not easy. I’m greatful that I still have another 9 online teaching days so my days are filled with some human contact, even though it is virtual. Last week I had to teach the following poem, and I found it quite fitting for a time such as this:

Be Drunken by Baudelaire

Be drunken. Always

That is the point; nothing else matters.

If you would not feel the horrible burden of Time

weigh you down and crush you to the earth,

be drunken continually.

Drunken with what?

with wine, with poetry or with virtue, as you please.

but be drunken.

And if sometimes, on the steps of a palace,

or on the green grass in a ditch,

or in the dreary solitude of your own room,

you should awaken and find the drunkenness half or entirely gone,

ask of the wind, of the wave, of the star, of the bird, of the clock,

of all that flies, of all that speaks,

ask what hour it is.

And wind, wave, star, bird, or cock will answer you:

“It is the hour to be drunken! Be Drunken,

if you would not be the martyred slaves of Time.

Be drunken continually!

With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you please.”

Virus or not, are we not all slaves to Time? Be it that there is so much to do and so little time, or that there is plenty of time and not enough activities to fill the hours, time often seems to command our every move. The lockdown is an opportunity for time to stand still in a way. Some of you are not working and this is the time to spend with those you love. For others, it is a time to get to those things we have been saving for when there is more time for them.

And so I thought I would share with you today what I have been getting drunk on in the last few days besides work.

Long distance friends are closer

Again, as I was emptying my email inbox last night, the main message was that I am not alone. From my insurance company to my gym, everyone assures me that we’re in this together. My very good friend from University who lives over 1000km away and I have called each other 3 times in this past week alone, something we don’t do often when life is normal. Group chats are alive with conversation so consistently that it’s actually overwhelming! but we are more in touch now than we are when we are immersed in our individual lives.


One thing I am so grateful for during this time is 8 hours of sleep! Even on school nights, I am getting so much more sleep than normal. It’s amazing how much more time you buy by not having to drive to work or gym or to the shop or anywhere, really! I work hard, maybe even harder than usual, and I get guilt-free sleep instead of thinking of all the things I should be getting ready for the next day.

Gym is still life

Home workouts are now the order of the day! My friends are now running online classes so that the world can stay active, and I’m here for it! I’ll say it again, HIIT is kicking my ass at the moment, but I can squeeze it in before I start my day and it’s actually real, grueling work out, instead of those days when I would go to gym and do very little meaningful work.


Out of all my compartments in my house, I’m really enjoying my book corner! I joined a group of people on Twitter who would like to read more during the Lockdown. I’m only doing 1 chapter a day because my days are still filled with a great deal of reading as it is. I really can’t do more reading than that each day!


Mr Elephant once said that if he could live forever, he would take the time to master his favourite art. Well, we may not have forever in lockdown – this will pass eventually, but I would like to take some time to master my guitar playing. Ironically, I don’t yet have time to fit this into my day!

Please share what you are getting drunk on while on lockdown. There’s only so much alcohol you can assume and it’s not very constructive use of your time so find something!

Thank you for pooping in today! Have an amazing week and make the most of it😘

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Life in the Wake of COVID-19

South Africa’s president announced a state of disaster in light of the then 61 reported cases of COVID -19. He announced the closing of schools and limiting most workplaces to working from home and limiting movements elsewhere. This past Monday he escelated it to a lockdown of the country. We cannot leave our houses unless it is an emergency. Only supermarkets are open for emergency food runs as of tomorrow. We have seen the number of cases rise to over 500 more cases since over initial announcement and life has changed drastically – in exciting ways but also in ways that are scary.

Social Distancing


My particular school has remained “open” for the next 2 weeks in order to finish off the term. Dem Boys were sent home and we have been running online classes for the past week. the up side to the virus is that it has put education in a position where the use of technology in classes is now a necessity and not just another fun option. All those conferences are starting to pay off as I put what I have learned to practice all day, every day. It sounds ideal to be able to work from home, especially when that alarm goes off in the morning and the thought of navigating heavy traffic looms, but I take my hat off to those who have been living this life for a long time!

My cottage is now my home, my gym and my work space and all of a sudden, it feels tiny! I should be grateful though. Just last year, I live in a 1 bedroom that was much smaller. I would’ve gone crazy if I was still there! But now, my home is a little more spacious and I can compartmentalise my life here.

A tip? Even though you will not be leaving the house during the day, get out of bed, shower and get into your normal morning routine. Make the bed, pick an outfit and have your breakfast before your work hours start. It has helped me to get into work mode. Also, designate an area of your abode to work and play. I only run my classes in my study and leave it when my classes are done for the day.


I’ve started doing home workouts instead of going to the gym and while HIIT workouts are kicking my ass, I’m still physically active without the anxiety of possibly infecting those around me or being infected myself. Again, routine is key, even though the geography has changed quite a bit.

I am a social butterfly so the lack of human interaction has been very difficult, especially because I live alone. Fortunately, I have a small village of people in other areas of the building. Tiny feet patter above me with occasional giggles or the frustrated tantrums of a toddler with cabin fever. Wifi and all kinds of social media, keeps me in contact with my loved ones which takes the edge off my own cabin fever. I attended my first online church service on Sunday which was strange, but it still amazes me that we can still keep in touch with our various communities in this manner. I am not alone because many all over the world are having to adjust their lives the same way I have to.

We have no way of knowing how much worse this situation will get, but I believe we are now responsible to each other. Our lives are in each others’ hands if we are to overcome COVID 19. So do the right thing, for yourself and for the rest of the world. There is a light at the end of the tunnel if we do. Have a good week dear ones and by all means, please stay safe😘

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Series: The Ultimate Blog Swap

It’s a new year and an new series is in order! Read all about it here!

Sehliselwe – Sehli Chaotic

The other day I posted a tweet under the O Jewa Keng thread. In the tweet I was seeking to collaborate with other bloggers and possibly do blog swaps, the response so far has been nothing but unbelievable. As I write this I am deeply overwhelmed at the amount of bloggers who are ready for collaborations.

I have to admit that blogging for me was an online diary where I vented about everything that was going wrong in my life; I barely posted anything unless I felt really frustrated. So you can understand why I never interacted or sought to connect with other bloggers. It wasn’t until recently, when I found out I was nominated for a Zimblog award, that I actually thought, “Yeah maybe I could make something out of this”. Suddenly I understood the impact that blogging has had on me and how I approach my goals. Through the responses on the tweet so far, I have had a chance to connect with people from all walks of life with the same interests as mine which has somehow assured me that I am on the right track. One of the first people I connected with was Noloyiso, a blogger whose work caught my eye as she touched on issues such as mental health and overall empowerment of women which to me screamed “girl power’. So the obvious thing for us to do next was collaborate. We decided to start with a blog swap where I get to post on her blog and she posts on mine. That I thought was an amazing way for us to explore and share with different audiences as well forge relationships alike. I am super excited to work with her and I cannot wait to see where this journey leads!

Noloyiso – The Chronicles of a Nubian Queen

So there I was, scrolling aimlessly on my Twitter timeline, as one does when there are millions more important things to do, when I came across Sehliselwe’s tweet seeking to engage and collaborate with other bloggers. I’ve met some great people on my blog and I have found those engagements valuable and good for my growth as a writer. I’ve also made some very good friends and a kind of village, something that I value, so I was very interested in the opportunity that presented itself. It’s also the perfect opportunity for a new series; something different to what I’ve done before. So in an attempt to make more of these connections, we’re joining forces!

Here’s how this will work: Once a month, we’ll swap blogs and post an article – she on mine and me on hers. Hopefully, this will lead to some exciting work! Friends will be made, audiences will grow and lives will be changed, AN EMPIRE WILL BE BUILT! Excuse the drama, but this is super exciting! We haven’t worked out all the details, but I’ve never heard of this being done before; we may be on to something good!

So, welcome to The Ultimate Blog Swap! We hope you enjoy it!

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Corona – The Virus, Not the Beer!

I was emptying my inbox this morning and every email I opened, be it an online newspaper, a blogpost or a devotional, it all revolved around the Corona Virus.

It made me realise that the world is anxious about this virus. We may or may not close school early. Dem boys are spraying hand sanitizer all over themselves or anyone that comes close to them. Any sneeze or cough is a symptom. Of course, they lowkey want the school to be closed indefinitely even though they hate the idea of having no contact with other people during the quarantine. I have to remind myself not to shake hands or hug people and I sing happy birthday twice while I rub soap into my hands every time I go to the bathroom. Of course, I touch everything after I leave the bathroom and honestly, who can go a whole day without touching their face?! Not me!

In the meantime, South Africa is mildly nervous but mostly pokes fun at the unfolding events because it’s what we do in the face of adversity: we laugh. Black Twitter has decided that the virus is a white thing and we have nothing to worry about. I hear there is even a Corona dance going around!

I’ve definitely taken the stance that the indifferent have on the matter. I have a pretty strong immune system; I get the flu every few years and I medicate immediately and I don’t fit the age group of the most affected by the Coronavirus. At best, the virus is basically the flu and at worst, you die.

As much as most of the odds are in my favour, this is not the wise approach to this. I’m pretty sure that the cases of South Africans who came back with the virus were thinking one of these theories applied to them too; now look at them! So, I’ve opted to be wise and not fearful. I use the sanitizers provided at church and at work and I wash my hands as often as I can. I try not to touch my face ( and fail miserably) and I’m trying not to hug people ( this makes me sad, I settle for elbow bumps)

I hope you are being safe out there! While Africa will very well stay minimally affected by the virus due to our humidity, I wish travellers would stop going skyying overseas and opt for Summer visits. If we really catch this virus, we will not be able to cope with it! Do it for the country, not for yourselves!

Here’s my hope for you this week! That you may know the presence of someone greater than you and know that someone bigger is in control of your safety while you do what you can to keep yourself safe! Have a beautiful week😘

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3 Things I Hate About Adulting

I think back to when I was a teenager. My mom and I would talk about what kind of adult I would be: where I would live, how many kids I’d have etc. I imagine that poor woman laughed at all my musings because she knew, as all adults know, how complicated adult life can actually get. I’ve been thinking lately about adjusting and how life turned out completely differently to how I expected. Here are 3 adulting pet peeves I’ve picked up along the way.

The Errands

My biggest accomplishments over weekends usually involve some kind of adult errand that I couldn’t get to during the week! Of course, I do some adult fun stuff too but the fun: responsibility ratio is definitely 2:4. This past midterm break was the first break that I felt like I didn’t actually spend resting because of the errands I had to run ( to be fair, I had postponed the one for a year). I can’t remember the last time I woke up on a Saturday or holiday and had nowhere to be and nothing that had to be done that day. Adulting comes with so many expectations and people you “should not” disappoint. Speaking of things that should be:

The Suppose To Bes

I think adults all live vicariously through each other, mostly because of what they hoped to and didn’t get to accomplish. Adults look at your life and tell you you should be travelling more, buying property or making babies. In my 20s, it was OK that I was childless and unattached but now, in my 30s, adults who walk ahead of me in adulthood scratch their heads and say, “yeah, it’s time now”.

I think it’s all projections of where they are or where they wish they were. I have family members who had kids “late” and worry that I will struggle to raise my future kids if I wait any longer. My friend jokingly told me that a plus one would be assigned to me if I did not bring one to his wedding at the end of March. I get it and I do it too: I edit people’s lives as a way of rectifying or reliving my own life. Sometimes I see the potential mistakes those that walk behind me are making and I try to lead in the right direction, but the truth is, nobody actually asked me for advice and I don’t know that they may actually be making better decisions than I ever made at their age. It’s also a lot of pressure for the person in the shoes, because you understand the good things about your life and you also understand the yearnings for that which you don’t have yet. Most importantly, you can work through your feelings about it all the older you get. While advice is needed sometimes, it’s also ok to understand that one’s life doesn’t need to look like any of the should bes in order to be a good life.

The Decisions

Sometimes I wish someone would step into my life and actually make the decisions I am too afraid to make. I wish they would make all the difficult decisions for me so I dont have to deal with the stress of it all. Adult decisions are scary. What if you make the wrong financial decision and end up in debt? What if you play it safe and take no risks resulting in a life void of adventure? What if you go on that adventure and something bad happens?! I’m hyperventilating at all the possibilities!

Don’t panic, though! Adulting can be a bit of a balancing act, that’s for sure, but it can be a lot of fun too. I’ve learned that it’s ok to let go sometimes and have a little fun. I’ve learned that some things are for you, are still coming for you or will not come, and that’s OK. Sometimes it’s ok to take the day off for yourself and pick it all back up the next day. It’s really not the end of the world. In the adult world, you have to take the good in with the bad. Things have a strange way of working themselves out for your good in the end.

So clearly I don’t have any answers for you. There is no epiphany about how to make a good life to yourself. Sift through the advice, take in what you want and throw out the rest and you may just survive the world of adults more or less in one piece.