“I want to be a better writer. Help me,” She pleaded. She wanted her words to touch someone. She wanted someone to connect with her ramblings.

The best advice she gave was no different to words of wisdom for the walk of life. “Keep writing… reading also helps with that.” 

And so she must keep scribbling on the page as best she can. Keep turning the page until the ink dries and soon, they will connect…


“Stay close,” he mumured, “Don’t move too far away.”

Knowing that she had his affection made her heart flutter. It flutters often at the beauty that flows from his heart and out of his mouth.

Who knows why they work. And who cares really, because it only matters that they just work. They mesh and mould into each other. It feels like home wherever they are are together.

She’s his best friend and she revels in taking care of him… They don’t need each other, they want each other and therein lies the need- to want and not to need…

The flutters overwhelm her sometimes. But it is no longer a fear of loss but… Gratitude. Gratitude for permission to fly. Gratitude for the ability to still feel this way. Gratitude for him.

Up in Flames

“I just don’t want to fuel the fire.” He said.

“It’s too late…” She thought to herself. She dared not say it out loud.

“What happens if we let the fire burn? There’ll be no way out!” He mused.

“We might as well let it all go up in flames and burn to the ground..” She thought it, but again, dared not say it.

She’d survived many fires before…