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Color Cafe Hyde Park

Happy Sunday erbody! It has already been a week since my holiday started! Easter was hectic, but an awesome time of worship!

In the spirit of adventure, I accepted an invitation from my old friend to visit The Color Cafe in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. Mel has been talking about this little spot for years and yesterday, I humoured her, mostly to see her mom who is visiting!

Now I am by no means a painter, lol! If anything, I would botch anything up that has to do with drawing or painting, so I was very nervous at first!

Let go of Perfection

Basically, how it works is you pick something that you would like to paint, pick colours you would like to use and, well, just go for it! The Color Cafe has a wide range of items to choose from! I just got a potted flower (which I will hopefully not kill like the last one I had!). A quick look for ideas on Pinterest and I was ready to go! Once I got it into my head that whatever I was about to make did not need to be perfect, it was pretty easy to get started.


Silence soon fell at the table as we all got to work on our masterpieces. I like How therapeutic this activity is: we watched our canvases change colour as we were developing them. I was too worried about the details but soon discovered that, from afar, the small errors did not take away from the beauty of the work I created! What a metaphor for life, don’t you think? That we can have beautiful lives even if the details are imperfect!

Anyway, just 2 to 3 weeks and my pot will be ready for collection! I can’t wait to see what the finished product will look like! If you are in the area, this is definitely an activity you want to try out! I had a good time!

What fun things are there to do in your area? Please share in the comments! I would love to hear from you!

Have a beautiful week, dear readers! We’ll chat again on Wednesday! Thank you for popping in😘


3 Things Teachers Do when on Holiday

It’s that time of the week everyone! I hope your week is going well! My long awaited end of term is finally here and I have had the privilege of turning my alarm clock off and be woken up by the light of day!

I’ve been struggling with this question since I went into teaching: exactly what do teachers do during their holidays? I’ve always felt the obligation to explain that 3 or 4 breaks in the year are not only deserved but are also necessary to avoid burn out. Yes, everyone burns out and needs a break, but the difference with us is that we can’t just close the classroom door and do work on our own during the day. I have about 2 periods off in a day and while I would love to catch up on work, other things often come up so admin often happens when I get home after a long day and I’m not always in the mood to work! And so an extended holiday becomes necessary for the following reasons:


Probably the biggest challenge for a teacher is balancing class time with all the admin that comes as a result of class time. Holiday time is the perfect opportunity to regroup, to plan for the following term and also to mark assessments under much less pressure. I, for example, have a pack of essays to mark during my break. I also have to put together a term schedule for next term which involves finding or making worksheets, reading set works and dividing them into the weeks that lay ahead. I also need to put together a schedule for project-based learning as well as critical thinking day that will be happening next term. All this work will take up at least 5 days of my holiday!


Of course one has to carve out a little time to switch off and recuperate after such a long term! It’s important! Most teachers who can afford to go away and have an actual holiday! Rest time for me is also allowing time to catch up with friends so there is always an array of breakfasts and dinners and lunches with friends I don’t have the time to see during the term. My favorite thing to do is also going to the gym at other times of the day and doing those morning classes I normally can’t do during the term!

Personal Admin

“But don’t you finish school at 2 pm every day?” Yes, we do! But I don’t have the energy to go to the bank or anywhere else accept work or home after a day of standing in front of 20 plus kids who are talking at the same time! So we often save our personal admin for the holiday when we are under much less pressure. Seriously! Unless you are sick or dying, it can wait!

Well, that’s all I have for you today! I hope I have satisfied your curiosity! Have a beautiful short week and enjoy the long weekend ahead! Love an light😘

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3 Gym Buddy Benefits

Happy Sunday dear reader!

When you become a regular at the gym, you soon start making friends between sets: a nod here, a smile there, and before you know it you have a gym buddy to work out with! Today, I will be sharing 3 benefits of having a workout partner:


For me, working out can become tedious and boring especially after a long day when I’d rather go home and stare at my white walls. Having a gym buddy has motivated me to do more than I would have done on my own. A gym buddy tells you to keep going and the rest of the time, you keep going so you don’t embarrass yourself by stopping! Your partner’s zeal can be contagious pushing you to challenge yourself more than you would have on your own.


Putting together a routine for the day can sometimes feel like a chore. Sometimes doing something for yourself is not as rewarding as the motivational memes say. A gym partner can actually suggest workouts you wouldn’t have thought of before. My new gym buddy had me running 5 km! During the week! I ran the 5 km twice this week, guys and just missed my personal best by 21 seconds! I also got to share my own workouts which she loved! we both got some variety out of our session! While I didn’t really do anything brand new with my gym partner, having someone else to workout with added a new spin to the work I was are putting in, with much less rest time!


Because we are not islands, it is rewarding and fulfilling to have someone next to you who feels the pain as much as you do. Someone who is as challenged as you are by the workout you have both put together. It’s really good sometimes just to have someone next to you panting, “I’m dying!” as you trudge along! It’s such a great form of affirmation!

Well, those are the 3 things for today! Get yourself a gym partner, dear reader! It may change your gym life for the better!

I hope you noticed and like my new layout! I’m so sorry I subjected you to so much mess and thank for following despite it😊 have an awesome week😘

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Happy Humpday Erbody!

The week has humped and it’s all downhill from here. I am so excited that in just a few days, I will be on holiday! It’s been a long term and a long year! I just wanna rest!

So anyway, today I had every intention of sharing about my favorite jam at the moment, but I’ll save that for later🙂

My favorite thing about where I teach is African diversity. I have the privilege of teaching kids from Angola to Congo. From Zimbabwe to Mozambique. It’s really amazing! So, being in such a diverse environment also means that I often know what is happening in those African countries, well, the jits of it anyway. I’ve taught children who have been put at the back of a truck and sent to an aunt in South Africa in an attempt to escape war-stricken homeland. I know kids that couldn’t come to school during the Xenophobic attacks that often take place here. What happens in Africa has never impacted me the way it has during my time at this school.

And this is why I am so proud of my friend and colleague, Viloshni, who is heading up our Interact club this year at school. Among the many projects that she oversees, she has also started to collect clothes with the club to send to Mozambique where Cyclone Idai has devastated the many parts of the country.

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by what is happening in our neighbouring countries and even our next door neighbours that we do nothing because it seems like we have too little to offer to relieve some of the pain we see. We need to be greatful for what we have and giving to others is one way of showing that gratitude. We are fortunate enough to have just a little more than we need, we really do, and that little bit more that we have can go a long way to help those who have much less than we do!

And so I hope you are doing the same where you are. I hope you can see the needs of those in your vicinity and even beyond that and that you find that which you can offer in order to be a relief to them!

Thank you so much for visiting today! Have a beautiful week and we’ll chat again on Sunday, as always! 😘

Sidebar: sometimes I think no one really reads my blog, but yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by Afrobloggers who were so kind as to review my blog! So many affirmations of what I am doing well, and also pointers for areas of improvement. Thank you so much for this, guys!

Please check out the post here and have a look at their site as well to find more amazing African bloggers!

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Parkrun: Bez Valley

Happy Sunday erbody!

I’m looking forward to this week. I’m staring down the barrel of the last week of the first term of the year! Teaching at a three-term school has its perks but we pay for it in other ways, i.e a much longer term than four terms schools! Aaaanyway! In 5 sleeps, I will switch off my alarm for 28 days straight!

So Parkrun has been going well! Yesterday was my 20th run and I can’t wait to hit 25 at the end of May! Every Saturday when I run, I see at least 5 runners with the Tshirt with 50 on the back and it’s very encouraging that I am edging closer to that t-shirt for myself every weekend that I show up!

Yesterday, the route was switched up a bit in the spirit of April fools, and we ran the race backwards this time! I love having a routine but switching things up from time to time makes things interesting in life!

I think it’s important to enjoy the little pleasures life throws at us. We dwell too much on the bad sometimes and miss out on the good!

So this week, I hope you take a moment every day to smell the roses, appreciate all those little things that take away the sting of the bad. All those little things add up and before you know it, you’re looking at a beautiful life again😉

Thank you so much for popping in today! Have beautiful week ahead! Enjoy it!😍

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3 Things Rejected People Don’t Want to Hear

Happy Humpday everyone!

If you are a human being, you’ve probably been rejected at some point in your life. And since we all click on the “I am not a robot” button, you know what I am talking about.

Rejection stings, no, it hurts and it’s very difficult to deal with. Though over time, we can look back on our experiences and laugh, during the process of recovery, the situation seems hopeless. The questions are endless and you are certain that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. This is me at the moment: I am in mourning and though I know the truth is I will get over this, it feels pretty bleak at the moment.

Of course, the bad comes with the good. None of us are completely unloved. None of us can say with any certainty that nobody sees any good in us. And so, my dear friends have huddled around me to remind me that I am worthy. I do find certain phrases rather unhelpful though. So here are the 3 things I think rejected people don’t need to hear while in the thick of the mourning

This wasn’t a great idea

This is not the best thing to say to a rejected person. Very few repeatedly rejected people want to hear how stupid what they did was. They don’t want to hear that they should have seen it coming. Believe me, part of the mourning period involves self-blame. We do the best we can to avoid as much damage to ourselves that we can, most of the time anyway. Hearing that you effed up yet again while that is the conversation you are already having with yourself does not help.

You deserve better

“But you’re so amazing!” they say, “who would reject all of this?!” Well, some of us have a track record of rejections, trust me! In most cases, people have a humble, positive opinion about themselves. Thinking that you deserve better eventually leads to the question of why better has perpetually not happened?! Enter, the overthinker and consequent sadness and the black abyss of endless hopelessness. It gets pretty depressing after that.

Maybe you should… In future

Ok, listen. If adulting has taught me anything, it is this: you can do it all right. You can make all the healthy decisions, keep your eyes peeled for all the signs and do everything to prepare and even avoid the storms, but they come anyway and render you shipwrecked anyway! Life can be cynical despite your defenses. That’s the bottom line sometimes.

So there you have it! While we know and acknowledge the well-intended love from those around us, sometimes, all a rejected person wants to hear is, ” Im sorry this happened to you.” Sometimes we just need you to sit with us, maybe cry with us and help is pick ourselves up again.

I know a day will come when, I will wake up in the morning and not feel any weight or the memory of my rejection, until then, it would be great not to hear any of these 3 things.

Thank you all for popping in today. The world is a tough, place. Be kind to one another, please. Have a good week everyone😘



Happy Sunday erbody! It’s been a rough week, but I’m much better now and looking forward to a better week than the last!

A few days ago, I read the most inspiring blog post in the longest time! Please check out Beauty Beyond Bone’s blog here. Seriously! She’s amazing! Check this post and her whole blog out!

I’m just here today to remind you that miracles still exist, guys! And they come straight from God himself! So whatever you are going through, don’t stop believing and don’t ever give up on whatever miracle you are waiting for!

Have a beautiful week, dear readers! I wish nothing but the best for you! Thank you for dropping by😘