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Clean Slate


Hi, my name is Nolo and I am here in an attempt to start afresh. I’ve been blogging for many years but on a different platform. I’ve always been one for having all my eggs in one basket, you see, and because I have a gmail account it was only natural to have a Google blog, but it’s time to throw caution to the wind! The world is full of possibilities and I go to seek the great perhaps – or something like that.


I just came back from a 4 day holiday in Mozambique! It was truly beautiful! The last trip I made to another country was to Lesotho on a mission trip almost 10 years ago and now I’m starting to itch for adventure and maybe escape. I’m hoping that one day I will escape for good….


Probably the most memorable thing about Mozambique was the water. Our tent houses were in the bushes and we could not see the sea – yes, I did that – but one could hear the waves crash into each other long before you saw them -what blissful sleep. It’s August and I’m accustomed to freezing Cape Town water, but this water, this water was cold but did not cut to the bone. It invited you to dip your toe in just one more time until finally it was pleasant to the skin mmmmh

I think my next holiday needs to be at a beach…. but where, oh where…..

By Noloyiso

English Teacher by day, Lifestyle Blogger by night. Join me every Wednesday and Sunday for my activities and interests in this thing called life!

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