Just Call Me Shorty


I toyed with the idea of growing natural hair for a long time. But I was too chicken. No,actually, I’m lying. I didn’t really want to grow natural hair – Mr Elephant once said you’ll never stop doing something until you really want to do it so I actually didn’t want to cut it!- It’s hard to make that leap when you’ve always had the luxury of manageable hair. Also, my hair hasn’t been short since I was a kid – I mean single digit kid – if memory serves, I looked like a boy! I was not having that!


I finally worked up the gall to do it! It’s been about 2 months now and I have some points to share on the matter!

I look great with short hair! That boy is gone! Well, this isn’t the longterm plan, but this stage of hair growth is probably going to last a very long time; I should try and enjoy it as much as possible and not get impatient for it to grow, you know?

I think what I enjoy the most about my hurr is how easy it is to maintain. I don’t have to worry about getting it wet because the point is that natural hair is minced! I love that all I have to do is wet my hair and run a comb through it. There’s no need to style or greece it, it’s great!

As I’ve said already, growing natural hair takes time – alot of time- the only way I can tell that it’s growing  is when I run my fingers through it and I can feel that it is thicker. Because I’m in no hurry, I love seeing that there is progress!

I’m looking forward to how my hair turns out 🙂 I am dying to find some remedy for my missing hairline, though.

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