How to Swim with Dolphins


I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to this! It was more exciting for me that I was going to another country, something I want to do more of, than the swimming with the dolphins bit, but once I was there I knew I had to do it! So here is how you swim with dolphins, everybody!


It only looks this romantic after years and years of practise – ask Courteney,  our resident mermaid and she’ll tell you that the first time is always a blunder.
Think about the first time you ever tried anything. Did it go according to plan? If it did, I’d like to walk a mile in your shoes because all I remember about my first swim is my panicked breath in my own ears  as I tried to fathom that I was bobbing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN! Luckily,the dolphins pulled a no show – playing and having sex all day must be exhausting – I say luckily because being stood up gave me a chance to get used to the gear and bobbing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN! If they showed I may have died! I am not a strong  swimmer ( black girl problems!) And the ocean is something that you gaze at from the safety of the beach, hotel room or ship, it is not intended to be bobbed in! I did get comfortable with the water and also learned that I am prone to feel sick when in a rubber boat that sways at the rythym of the swelling waves!

So when the day came when the dollies did show, I was kind of ready. I had prepared myself with motion sickness pills and a realistic understanding of how it would be. It helped that we had to move quickly once we were out there. There was no time to be afraid or to second guess what I was about to do. I saw fins about 20 metres ahead of me, everything went dead quiet and for a moment I realised that I was swimming in the same water as these guys. I was in awe. I heard them click as I ducked my head under the water trying to get a closer look at them – So apparently, they are Xhosa!

Lessons learned? Life’s too short to be afraid. Take a leap and just do the thing! It won’t be smooth, but in retrospect you won’t remember the blunders but the moments that took your breath away.

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