We Have to Stop Meeting Like This

“Love is really nothing but a dream that keeps waking me” -John Mayer


Love once came to me through the trees. It was a fleeting ray of light through the leaves. I was lucky to catch a glimpse of it – lucky to capture it with my amateur lense. “I am fickle”, it whispered to me.

Of course, I paid no mind to its message. Of course, I thought I knew better….


After many years of crossing paths with Love in fickle and fleeting ways,I gave up on  it – walked away from it because though our paths intertwined, they never merged into one. But Love continued to seek me out. I found it, this time, abandoned but no longer fluid. I was suprised to have found it. I no longer knew what it felt like, but when our eyes met, we recognised each other….


Sometimes Love is an accident. It is spilled paint on a tiled floor and can go by unnoticed by eyes unpeeled. It catches you off guard, when you have done everything in your power to guard against it. It melts down your defenses and you are rendered…. helpless.


Love is solid. It is constant and it is beautiful and more remarkably, it is accessible – even to me.

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