Twists and turns

Today was one of those days. Sleep was a rumour last night yet my eyes felt the heaviness of sleep deprivation as they opened this morning and to put the cherry on top,  there was a giant zit on my chin. Pretty was nowhere near what I felt so tonight I’ve decided to focus on a part of me that I’m loving at the moment – my hair.


I have a borderline crush on women sporting medium afros and I see them all the time. It’s not a taunting abundance that makes me long for their locks but rather an anticipatory -oh wow that’s actually a word! – abundance that gets me excited. It’s really their hair I’m crushing on. I see how funky their hair is and the thought that my own mane is soon going to look just like that fills my heart with warmth.


I like playing with my mane all the time. My fingers go on a treasure hunt for the parts of my head my comb skipped where the curl is most natural and untainted by those black teeth that pull my strands to attention. I like how the curls feel. Not even a perm curler can wind a  better twist…

I feel like if I continue, I will digress to verbal strain that is very pretentious. An ellipses is in order…

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