Let Your Fingers Do The Talking


I’m impatient by nature. Things never move as fast as I feel they should. I’m always in a hurry; for an answer,for progress,for change.

In this department, I thought I had been playing long enough that I could try a new genre on my own and do it with no difficulty. I was so mistaken!

Mr Elephant once said that we have about 70 years in this world. One should spend that time on things that are important. I had to decide what is important to me – It was surprisingly difficult. It’s still not really a complete list, but the axe has always pulled at my heart strings and I’ve always wanted to be better so I did the most obvious thing; I started taking good old fashioned lessons.

It’s painstakingly slow and I get frustrated that my inner rockstar isn’t just letting it rip. Fortunately, my teacher is much more forgiving. Just a little practise every day is all I need -that’s what he says. It’s slow because it’s meant to be slow and the snail pace does not mean one is not improving.

He’s right! I warm up my fingers and run through some pescribed pieces for 15 minutes in a day. I feel an improvement. I feel it getting easier each time I pick up my axe.

Of three things I am now sure: Practice makes Permanance,Teachers will never go out of fashion and slow is probably the best way to do anything.

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