Pay it Forward

At some point early in my black consciousness journey my hair began to get just a little bit difficult to handle. I had to wet it if I had any hope of getting a comb through it.


“Try this!” My friend and colleague said. “It doesn’t grease your hair up at all! It’s fantastic!” She was nice enough to pour some for me into a container so I could try it before I bought it. I loved it! I shared how great this stuff is in our group chat and thanked my friend. The stuff caught fire! Now two of my friends are trying it too


Don’t look at that face! Look at that little afro! It’s coming along nicely, I think! The moral of my story is a) I’m still loving my natural hair and am enjoying every stage of its growth and b) Wisdom is the accumulation of nifty tricks we pick up from other people, especially women, so don’t keep your nifty tricks to yourselves! Share them with everyone so we can all grow!

Never forget to pay it forward!

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