Follow at own Risk! An Ode to those who choose to follow


I officially have one follower! Whoop whoop!! It’s very exciting! Thank you, new follower! I hope we are very happy together!


In this day and age with all the social media out there and how we expose our lives to everyone, I found myself looking for privacy. Ironically, and to prove that I’m no different to anyone else, I sought a network where I know very few people! Outrageous! The thing is, with social media has come insecurity. Our confidence in ourselves is based on the likes and comments we have on all our posts!

Smh… at first, I enjoyed the silence and soon spoke as though no one was listening.It’s a wake up call when you get a new follower. It means someone is actually reading your ramblings! I immediately want to apologise, but…


This is me… It’s easier to own it and know that it will unravel…. eventually…

I better stop before I digress…

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