Red Abyss Ramblings

The powers that be thought that the exam season was so “great” it had to come twice a year! I’ve written a number of blogs about how to escape this time of year in more or less one piece. Check  out an example here

I’m about halfway through these exams and although I’m  not dying, it’s still not the best time. Lesson learned this time around is that people who don’t teach don’t understand what it is that we do… now I don’t presume to know what people do in their 9 to 5s and I appreciate the same courtesy from others. That pile of papers does not feel better to get through because I’m doing it from home. I’m still stuck until I complete all that marking and I will feel guilty the entire time I’m out because in those 3 hours, I would’ve completed 10, 20, 30 scripts then I could’ve started on the next paper which would have put me a little bit ahead of the next paper being written at the end of the week. Oh crap, I’m gonna get myself fired! What am I doing here?! How dare I eat food with people I care about! I should be working!…. that’s pretty much my thought pattern all the time!

What has helped this time around is music! I’ve found I have a bit of a knack with wordplay. I am after all sapiosexual (that blog will come!) I’ve got two tracks I’ve already altered! Check it!


The meme is pretty funny though, right?! Here’s my rendition:

“All I do is win win win no matter what! Got marking on my mind I can never get enough! And everytime I step up in the staffroom. Everybody’s hands go up!”

Hehe! I felt like a bit of a hero after a long marking stint! You’re welcome!


This came to me this morning! My version:

“I’ve got the eye of a teacher the red pen. Dancing through the papers coz I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me tiiiick! ”

I put a dent in a lot of marking after that. Then I came home to a very friendly neighbour and my entire afternoon plan got shot to hell! And I realised I need to:


I watched it during my evening marking stint, lol helped lift the spirit just a little bit. I realised this afternoon that sometimes human contact is better than how much work we accomplish. Mr Elephant said after the last time “there will always be work”  it’s ok to let down your hair from time to time. I will definately not have “marked scripts like a boss” written on my tombstone so I gotta let lose from time to time

So there you have it. I’m not done with these exams, but I’m trudging on and I will get to the other side. I always do…

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