Look like a Beauty. Train like a Beast

I like this stage in my working out. I’m fit enough that I can try different things for enjoyment and to test how much further I can go.  Here’s a number of things I’ve tried.


Did you know that at 8am every Saturday morning people all over the world are doing 5k runs in a park? What a movement! Kevin Hart, one of my favourite comedians and actors, does this thing called #RunWithHart . He’s coming to Jozi next year and I wanna join him on a park run here! I’ve taken to social media to try and catch his attention. May my voice be loud enough for him to hear!


I’ve told you before that I’ve started training on my own. I moved on to do the upper arm and back challenge over the past 3 weeks. I found this one a great deal easier than the butt and leg challenge so I added some of my own flavour to it. It is said by those much fitter than I that training is about consistant 45 minute workouts. My routine is to run on the treadmill for 15 minutes followed by the chosen routine for that day. I am required to do 3 rounds of my routine with a minute break in between. Today I decided to do skipping during that minute seeing that it is so easy, right? Shut. The. Front. Door! Skipping is not for sissies, yo! But I lived through it!


I also decided to push myself even more. Today, I upped my dumbbell weight to 5kg  that’s gonna hurt tomorrow! And to add pain to injury, it is no longer acceptable to do 1 min planks. Yesterday I started doing 1 minute 30 second plank! I’m going to die tomorrow!


So there you have it! I think I’m doing a great deal of exploring!  My body just keeps suprising me and most of all, I’m enjoying every bit of it!

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