Working it out

I’ve done 2 4 week challenges on my own in the past 8 weeks. I’ve loved the exercising and the increased time I’ve had to go the gym. I think I’m gonna keep doing the self training thing.


I found this Nike app where you can find workouts based on your fitness level as well as your target areas. The ones above are the ones I’ve downloaded and would like to try. From what I can tell,  they are a combination of targeted areas as well as full body work outs. Here’s the plan:

Be consistant
I have heard it said many a times by those more disciplined than I that one needs to be training a consistant amount of times per week. Also, one needs to work out for 45 minutes. It seems to be a good idea to combine
“leaner legs”and “ab burner” to make it half an hour then add 15 minutes on the treadmill. Then I do the other 2 on 2 other days and make the fourth day Nova and spinning.


Eat healthier
This is my vice! I hate the idea of not enjoying the food that I eat in the name of losing weight and ristricting myself to eating leaves and drinking water; my soul cringes at the thought! I have found that keeping my portions small is very hard as well as keeping to my water intake and good eating habits over the weekend! It’s like my body knows what I am doing and is holding on to every particle of body fat! It also doesn’t help that it’s the holiday season and I’m heading to the homelands for 2 weeks!

I know these things need to happen so that I can get maximum results, and as Mr Elephant always said; it’s all about a healthy body and mind. I want to be that guy! Also I want to be able to do this:


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