Sidebar: Two tequila tipsy minds collided and this is what they produced!

Tipsy means happy,giggles,
not a care in the world!

Activate my inner self
Authenticate my naughtiness
Tipsy is when I pretend to be lost
Though my mind is lost
In a crazy world.

Tap into my naughty self
though life gets serious
Tipsy lightens the spirit.
I throw my head back and laugh from the depth of my heart

Open me from the inside out
Not underneath, silly
Yes, I’m talking to you horny Johny.
Do you always have to be dirty?
Well, vulnerable I am – NOT!
Put that rod in already!

There’s no going back now!
It’s explicitly exposed for all to see!
Do they all need to see? Do they all need to know?
You see, I’m a lady out there but your vixen in here…

Emotional collaboration.
Elaborate your power, I wanna feel that power.
Pace yourself rythmically
Engage partly
Damn this party is hot!
Can you feel that?
Ironically, you’re still out.

You just don’t get it.
You don’t know how to work it.
I know how you should.
Just listen and I’ll show you the way…

By Noloyiso Lange and Celestina Moore

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