At First You Won’t Succeed

The saying goes “if” but I’ve come to learn that more often than not, I get things wrong the first time around so I tend to sit back and watch the blunder then I rock it the second time around


So I decided I needed an unwinding yoga class after a gruelling session. I wobbled like a cluts which confirmed that my jiggling midriff was very neglected. How else could I explain why I could barely maintain my balance?!


My body has me so confused! It is no wonderland. It is in fact more of a maze where all of the walls are continually changed ( I totally paraphrased John Mayer there! Did u see?).  I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I know I’m gaining muscle but the jiggle makes me wonder…

I used to not pay so much attention to what I eat and I managed to maintain a realitively good shape and now that that I am paying attention, I’m blowing up! Or I feel as though I’m blowing up, aaaargh!!!!


Serena Williams won Sportswoman of the year -the second woman since 1983- she’s been called so many variations of butch you can think of, but man is she beautiful because she owns all that she is…


That I may own all that I am. And love all that I am…

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