My way or My Way!


The lady to your right – the one with simplest and sexiest pout- that’s my mom. She raised me all by herself. Everything I have I got from God ( 1Chron 29: 14b) but God only gave me everything I have because of this woman’s feverent prayers. in a nutshell, I love her!

My dearest mother, however is a CONTROL FREAK!!! It drives me crazy! We must do things when she says they should be done and the way she would do them. If you don’t do as she says when she says, she will get up and do it herself and make you feel bad the entire time! She raised us in a home that had no democracy which worked fine when I was a child who had nowhere else to go!

Now I’m a grown up who runs (or tries to run) her own matchbox home. I’ve come to see that going home for the festive season as an adult is different from when you were younger. As a student it was about being somewhere familiar and bigger than your res room. It was about having DSTV and never worrying about making your pocket money stretch to cover toiletries and your loquor! But as a grown up, it’s like going into another woman’s househould. I tend to admire another woman’s home, try and find out where she got those cute wine glasses and how they keep their floor so clean! Now, at a friend’s house you are dealing with a peer, but at home, you are still the daughter. You have nothing to contribute here but to do as you are told! Lol, ok it isn’t all that melodramtic, but I think you get my meaning 🙂

Back to the control freak that gave birth to me. I totally understand her and purely because, I am her! I am a control freak! I make myself sick trying to make sure that things go perfectly and everyone follows what I have suggested because I believe that is what is best. Who died and made me manager of the world,though?! Who do I think I am, pulling at people’s strings to ensure that they do as I say?

Something else my mom does well is stay out of people’s business. She has much more peace of mind than I do. She let’s her ways stay with her and her household and lets the rest of the world go wild. Man, she is wise! I want to be like my mom. I wanna control that which I can and let go of the rest – for my peace of mind…

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