A Note to Self – Resolutions 2016

It’s that time of the year! Time for the “new you”. I’ve scribbled some thought out desires and enhancements of self I need for my continued growth and not just the year but for good- here goes.

Self restraint

I often watch my learners do worse than they should in their school work because they fail to delay their self gratification so that they can do silly things like chat or scroll up and down social media newsfeeds. Now, I strongly believe that a good teacher cannot lead their students where they have not been. Our job is to teach them how do  things that we have struggled or still struggle with because we are meant to be a little more enlightened. I’d like to restrain myself this year  and for years to come. I no longer want to waste my time on things that will not build me and make me a better teacher, guitarist, person really.

I’ve always seen this as a form of punishment to myself; the stick and not the carrot. I think if I saw it as a carrot, a reward, self restraint could actually be a habit I pick up and keep…

Keep them at arm’s length

I am extremely loving – too much so, in fact. I will sacrifice anything and everything for those I have committed myself to -family, friends, everyone. But those I give to often take more than they give. My wise friend says that we should love with no expectation of it being returned – that is,after all, what Jesus does for us. I’d like not to force myself on people anymore. I’d like to keep my distance from those I love and allow them to come to me if they need me or want to give that love back – tough one this one!

Enjoy everything you do

Some of us hate our jobs, the relationships we are in, our very homes, even, and we lead miserable lives as a result. I’d like to find joy in all that I do. I’d like to enjoy the very matchbox that needs cleaning because it is mine. I’d like to enjoy prepping for class because teaching is my calling and I want to be the best at what I do. I’d like to go to that social gathering because those people edify me and I them.

Take the reigns

I’ve spent a great deal of my life allowing life to happen to me. I aggree to everything to appease the karma gods and to appear like the “good guy”. Another wise individual who is in the winter of his life ( yes, he’s much older than I) told me that I still have my biggest decisions ahead of me. Who i will marry, where I can move on to, workwise etc. Now is the time to take the reigns of my life and steer it in the direction of the things that I want. I’d like to change my dialogue in the work place so that I set myself up for more growth. I’d like to change my conversation with others to induce the respect I deserve and I’d like to believe that I deserve the respect I induce

All these resolutions intertwine. I’d like to see how it all unfolds in the new year! So, there you have it! Those are the changes I’d like to make. I think the best way to track them will be based on how much peace of mind I will have at the end of the day. So do tell, what are your resolutions?

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