A War of Words

What a tough couple of days. But lessons lessons and lessons to be learnt! I’m reading a book which was a gift from a friend because she understands the struggle of being misunderstood and sometimes not heard. Here is some food for thought.


God has given our words significance

For those of us who feel we are never heard. Or those who feel disregarded, our words have significance. Our words carry weight. That makes me worry about the things that I say and how I say them because all of it is important. It informs people about the calibre of person I am and want to be. A conversation shouldn’t be an arm wrestle, so I should stop focusing on being right, but about edifying someone else. When we understand this responsibility, it is easier to choose our words and to bite our tongues when necessary.


God tells us who we are., defines what we are to do and the way we should do it.
Those insults and hurtful things you hear in the heat of the moment, don’t let them define who you are or degrade you in any way. It is God that tells you who you are and not people who don’t get you. In fact, it’s ok if they don’t get you. It is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is using your words wisely because they belong to Him.

I like lessons that leave me feeling encouraged…

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