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House Keeping

I play a musical instrument and so I’ve had very little respect for other genres of music that had no guitar. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I in actual fact, had a very lazy and shallow ear.


My brother took me to a gig where a popular Dj was playing. I didn’t care for the music until I heard what sounded like electric guitar. A closer look revealed a live lead guitarist letting rip over the monotinous music!- my mind was blown and I spent the next year listening out for interesting riffs of all kinds in every song I heard. And so, my appreciation for house music was born.

I’m not familiar with the best House Djs or house music – I am but an infant- but I do enjoy a mixtape that I can get lost in while I get through the mundane chores of the day or try to focus when there are piles and piles of marking to get through – teacherproblems. House music has often created a parallel universe where there is no sense of time or place -my memory bank – and every few minutes a riff arises that draws my attention from what I am doing to listen closely.

I may not know how to truly appreciate this genre of music, but this is a start.So I want to know from you, dear world: how does one listen to House music? Is it the riffs, the tempo, the lyrics ( where applicable) or is it just fun to dance to? I’d love to hear from you!

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