Love & War, Prose, Ramblings

Drop It and RUN!!


Burdens are funny things. They strain our backs and render our strides crippled. We know we must put them down because…


And so we drop the burden if only because it has become too heavy. And we feel the relief; the new found release that allows us to straigthen our backs and fill our lungs with air. We even take a few steps away from it, lift our heads to the sun and feel the warmth on our faces for the first time in a long time- but only for a few moments before we remember that something familiar is missing – the weight….


This weightlessness is alien to us. We don’t know what to do with our new found peace of mind, our free hands. So we look over our shoulders at the burden we have let go of and we take those few steps back to what is familar -the strain of the weight….

And we pick it back up again and we continue walking with it; knees weak, backs weighed down once again, lungs only half full of air and no more sun on our faces. Indeed, burdens are funny things…

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