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The Colour of Water


I always say I don’t read much, not for pleasure anyway – occupational hazard. But this year while in search for a cool idea for my classroom walls, I found this book collage on good-old Google. Every time a learner finishes reading a novel a copy is made of the cover and pasted on the wall. I’m hoping for a full wall come the end of the year.

Now, very few things work well in the classroom if you as the teacher don’t lead by example so I’ve been reading too and even roped in two other teachers and the headmaster to make a contribution to what we call The Book Wall of Fame.


I digress. What was my point again? Oh yeah! I’ve finished my third book this year! Yay me! While this particular novel is the grade 11 setwork so technically it’s work and not pleasure, I have found it very relatable and the themes of identity and isolation incredibly close to my heart.

Find this novel and get into it! It’s an easy read and a well panned out story based on someone’s real life. I admire any woman who is strong and fiercely independant; I was raised by one after all!

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