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7 Colours Sunday Lunch

Happy Sunday, dear readers! I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend!

My favourite way of ending off my weekend is making a beautiful Sunday late lunch; yum yum!

Now, if you’re South African, you’ve heard of seven colours; a home-cooked colourful meal made up of a starch, meat and a variety of vegtables and or salads.

I’m gonna be honest; I have no idea what all the 7 colours are and I was raised to make this meal every Sunday and on special occasions😂 I can really only think of green, orange/yellow, red, white and brown; that’s only 5 colours. For me, if I have a green, orange/yellow, meat and starch, I’ve made 7 colours! Help me out here, if you’re South African, Please fill us in in the comments; WHAT ARE THE SEVEN COLOURS?!

My mom is visiting for the next 6 days or so and the older I’ve become, the more I treasure my time with her and the more I take in every little piece of advice she gives me about every little thing.

Today’s golden nugget is decifering the best tasting butternut or pumpkin off the rack. According to my mom, this 👇is not it! She was right, I boiled this, mashed it up added butter and sugar, and man, it was still terrible!

The rule is very simple when it comes to vegtables. The darker the colour, the better! I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll keep my eye out for better pumpkin in the future because, damn, this was terrible and I never want to taste it again!

Now about those 7 colours; South Africans! Comment below! What are 7 colours made up of?

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