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Liebster Award Nomination


It’s that time of the week, everyone! When it comes to fun blog challenges that get you interacting with other bloggers, OJsPride is the person to follow! Thank you so much for yet another nomination OJ. And guys, be sure to read her blog, she’s really great!

So the Liebster Award is just a way for bloggers to recognise other blogs for readers to find new cool blogs to follow. Here are the rules:


OJ made it easy for her nominees; I just have to state 15 facts about myself which doesn’t sound so easy now that I think about it, but let’s see how far I get J

15 Facts about Me

  1. I’m an English Teacher. It’s actually one of the biggest reasons I blog: to practise what I preach, lol
  2. I play the guitar. This may be old news for you if you have been following me for a long time! I hate being called Zahara, though!
  3. I’m a gym fanatic. I really enjoy working out and I’m hoping one day to have the body to prove it! I’m 60% there, lol
  4. I love to cook! I’m no chef, but I see the kitchen as a creative space and I enjoy trying out new dishes.
  5. I’m am Xhosa, one of South Africa’s 11 languages. Nelson Mandela? He was Xhosa speaking!
  6. I hate waiting!! Like, please don’t deliberately keep me waiting! Communicate if you are running late, but don’t leave me hanging!
  7. I love chocolate! Any excuse to have chocolate is a good enough reason!
  8. I think I’m allergic to eggs. A simple case of eating too many eggs as a child. Most of my family members have the same problem!
  9. I love my name! Noloyiso: Victorious. I was my parents’ first daughter so, I won!
  10. I’m an extrovert who has been converted to an introvert since I started living alone. I like striking a balance between social time and alone time.
  11. My favourite colours are green and orange.
  12. Wow, I’m starting to second guess the last 11 facts and I can’t think of 3 more! Hey, There’s another fact. I’m too quick to think that I’m not good enough.
  13. I enjoy thrillers and thriller-type series! Always game!
  14. I share a birthday with Kanye West: 8 June! We don’t celebrate it together anymore though, lol.
  15. I’m a hopeless romantic. I walk around with the strong belief that if you love someone, you should be given the right to have them, but, of course, that is not how it works in real life L


My Nominees:

If you read and like this challenge; then you’re up! Just follow the instructions and give us 11 facts about you!

Thank you so much for visiting! Have a beautiful week ahead!

1 thought on “Liebster Award Nomination”

  1. Hi Victorious!
    1. Discovered the teacher thing today
    2. you have pinned tweet playing the guitar lol
    3.I wouldnt say I am gym fanatic never set foot inside one but I might be a little on fitness conscious into that cross fitness what what, running the bundu, jumpoimg up and down park benches and being things like that
    4. i know my way round the kitchenin another country I would probably have stars to my name
    10. I am an introvert, honest but my writing alter ego stays wildling , I probably live vicariously through it.

    I am going to weasel out of doing this challenge on a technicality by saying my last notification was congratulating me on having 1337 followers whoop whoop

    Liked by 1 person

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