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Falling Upward

I’m Back! Did you miss me, mmmmh?! Well, I know one person who has. My colleague who is not a blogger at all has been eagerly awaiting my next post! He says he has read every single one of my posts! All of them, guys! I’m super flattered and encouraged to keep writing! Thank you, dear colleague😊

So you have the dream ( insert all the things you want to accomplish at the end of your life). You have arrived! You are a success! So… like… what happens next?! I’ve often pondered this. Maybe our desire for things is what keeps us striving for more in this life. Once we are satisfied with what we have, we have nothing else to live for, right?! Boy, was I wrong!

Father Richard Rohr talks about having 2 halves of life. They are not chronological and one only comes when you consciously go there.

The First Half – The Container

We all have different things we want to accomplish in life: the job, the house, the car, the spouse and the children. I don’t know who taught us this but we somehow believe that once we have these things, we are finished with life; we have arrived. But all these things, this stuff, is just the container. It is also the way we choose to define who we are: our religion, sexual orientation, our culture. All these things are arguably superficial and it doesn’t mean that the journey of life is over once we have them all. There is more.

The Second half – The Content

This part of life comes when we begin to question why. What is the point of all the things we have and who we are in life? There is what Father Richard refers to as Necessary Suffering. These are the difficult relationships, the hurts, the diffulties and the losses we experience in life. None of these things are avoidable. Yes, they are necessary and through them, we gain maturity. We learn, the hard way, that everything is going to work out, we learn that we are strong and that the good always outweighs the bad. Without necessary suffering, we remain in the meaningless rut that is the container.

In order to reach the second half of life, we need to let the container fall apart and maturity is learning to discern between what is real and what is unreal; what is necessary and what is unnecessary; what lasts and what is fleeting.

I’ve only really just scraped the surface of this way of thinking and I still have much to learn. The question that lingers in me is this: Which half of my life am I living in?

It’s a mouthful I know! Check out the video on Father Richard’s book Falling Upwards. I provided the link earlier. Have an amazing week everyone! Thank you for stopping by🙂

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