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How I Know It’s time To Move On

Afternoon Everyone!

It is two days until we close school for the year! I cannot wait to sleep and read and write and sleep and workout and eat and sleep and catch up on some work and sleep and, well, I think you get the picture, lol

It’s a very restless time of the year for me, but I think it has been the same for my year as a whole, to be honest. Today, I will look at the itch to move to “better” abodes. How do you differentiate between moving house for personal growth and progress and moving because you need a new toy?

Here’s how I know it’s for me to find a new place:

I Get Itchy

I commit very easily when I know that I can change routines at any time. For me, I know it’s time to move when I feel restrained or constricted in any way. I hate feeling stuck!

Everything is an Irritation

From the shower head no longer sprouting the way I like, to constant water or power issues, once you start finding every reason why your home is no longer a home, it’s time to find a new home, homie!

The Eye Wonders

I visited a friend a while ago. She has just moved into a new place and I envied her blank canvas! Her rooms were mostly empty just waiting for new furniture! I miss the days when I was still starting out 😑

But as adulting goes, moving requires watingi and planning and so I have put one together and am very excited for the new chapter in my life

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