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Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you’ve had an awesome week!!

So I had my post all typed up and almost ready to publish and this morning I woke up to the nicest suprise!

My friend, Becoming the Muse, aggreed to guest post on my blog (you can catch him this Wednesday on Reflections) and he asked me to guest post on his! So I wrote up a post and sent it to him and completetely forgot about it!

Last night, he finally put it up 😊 It’s a strange feeling hearing your very own voice but on another blog!! And he really pushed me to write in a way and lenght that I don’t normally use on my own blog! Thanks again for having me, Beaton!

Check out the post here 👇 and be sure to check out the rest of his blog! It’s awesome!

It’s always so nice to have you here! Have a good week and I’ll see you on Wednesday😘

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