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Adult Drama

Hey Everyone! Happy Sunday! I head back to work tomorrow and I’m quite excited to get back to a normal rhythm. While taking a break is necessary for rebooting, all good things need to come to an end!

Today, I’m going to be a bit of a Negative Nancy and complain a lot! But I will do so in memes because they say to survive this adulting thing, one has to have one’s humour firmly intact!


These are the crazy ramblings of a sleep deprived anxious and frustrated Nubian Queen.

Where do I even start?! There are so many little things that are causing me frustration! And all these little things are kind of tied up to each other making this massive, intangled stressball! It is a mess!!!

There is a rat in my house! It found its way under my front door or through it one day when I left it open on a hot summer’s day! I don’t know! But it found a hole in my built in cupboard and now lives with me! It leaves me alone during the day but starts scratching around at night! I have resorted to cowaring away in my bedroom as soon as the sun sets because as independant a woman as I am, I was not built to go head to head with a rat! I don’t care, feminists, but that is a man’s job!

So because of this damn rat, I am a prisoner in my own home. I am in my bedroom from as early as 8pm. I fall asleep only after 10 and any time from 1am, I am awake again!! Wide awake, guys! I lie there, contemplating whether I should raid my fridge or do some reading in the lounge until I’m sleepy again ( the internet says this helps). But I can’t because there is no cat so the rat must play! This stupid roommate who has imposed himself on me has now messed with my sleep and is hindering my midnight snacking too!

There is a part of me that wants to move out to a rat free aboad. Just imagine: moving around in my living room, free of fear of rodents! But everywhere I look is more expensive with added costs on top of that aaaaaand, there is something I am reluctant to leave behind here in this street (don’t make me unpack that can of worms!) Aaaaand society says that at my age, I should be buying property and not still renting! Aaargh!

At this point, it is 2:30am. I am resigned to die of hunger and am convinced I am a dissappointment as a functioning adult according to the the standards of the world. I have managed to reduce myself to a 33 year old barren spinister who is a prisoner in a matchbox flat that she doesn’t even own with a roomate she didn’t even ask for!

So the solution, I think… I don’t know! When did adulting get so complicated? How many levels to this horrific game are there? I feel like I’m stuck at level 2 and suddenly I’m second guessing all my decisions and all the ways I think are the best way forward. I think I need someone to come into my life, make all the difficult decisions for me, set me up nicely and then leave again and let me step back in because this is beyond me!

So this is adulting, kids! It is a whirlwind of emotions, loss of control and self doubt at worst! The best we can do for ourselves is to make small decisions at a time and go from there. This life thing is, after all, a marathon and not a sprint.

Thank you for reading my petty drama! It’s always a pleasure to have you here🙂 have a fantastic week ahead! We’ll chat on Wednesday😘

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