Happy Wednesday everyone! Has the week been good to you? The change of season is creeping in over here. The weather is cooling down and it is almost always raining. I suppose all good things have to come to an end!

Today I want to talk about relationships (of all kinds). I’ve always found it interesting how people stay friends for many years. How do you do it? I mean, I’ve tried hard (maybe too hard) to maintain and nurture my relationships, but other than my mother and immediate family, I’ve generally struggled to keep them going long term.

Eventually, I realised that just as the seasons come and go, so do people. You can only do so much to nurture a relationship and often times you are the only one putting in the work.

This is a friend of mine who has been working overseas over the last 2 years. Twice a year she comes home and we catch up over lunch. As I do with all my friendship I happily did the heavy lifting but last night she showed me what it’s like to allow someone else pull the weight. She really saved the day and we had an awesome night out, only because of her extra effort to make our date work!

We really need each other in this life, I can’t stress this enough guys! So thank you, my friend, for showing me how important I am to you as you are to me!

Thanks for popping by everyone! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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