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Grand Gestures

Happy Sunday everyone! This past week has been very long and difficult!

Valentine’s day is a tough day for most single people. In an attempt to numb the pain, we act as though the day doesn’t matter or it’s silly, commercial or superficial. But deep down I think most of us yearn to be loved genuinely and we yearn for it to be shouted from rose petaled rooftops!

In the absence of these gestures, I decided many years ago to find my own ways of enjoying the day of love. I may not have my romantic love yet, but I am loved and appreciated by many people in my life!

So my day was filled with chocolate and love notes and even a bunch of flowers delivered to my work! It was an all-around good day!

And so I leave you with this thought: Love comes in all forms and all those forms are important. Embrace it and enjoy it, my dear readers!

Thank you so much for visiting with me today! You are loved and appreciated, remember that! Have an awesome week😘

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