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Anonymous: An Open Letter

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Enjoy this month’s post!

Dear life

It is me, a Liver. It has been 20 something odd years on this journey together and the experiences are a ton and a half. I could write a book but words alone are not fully capable of expressing the depth and extent of what I have witnessed in this journey with you.

Through it all, I have learnt to become a survivor. I am not easily discouraged even in the bleakest of situations. I have stared depression, stress and anxiety in the eye but I am still standing. I have had the angel of death visiting a couple of times taking with it my loved ones, but my faith has remained unshakeable. I have lost friends who promised me infinity and beyond but here I am; the curve that accentuates my smile has never diminished. I have had my heart broken several times, but my belief in love has never faded.

Through these ups and downs, I have learnt to be grateful, I have also learnt that I was made to last and that what is in me is bigger than these stumbling blocks. I have learnt to tell my story the best way I know and don’t know how but it is a story of strength. Dear life, as we continue on this journey together, I look forward to all that you will throw my way.

Warmest Regards

Well, I’ll see you on Sunday, my friendlies!😘

2 thoughts on “Anonymous: An Open Letter”

  1. Beautiful piece on overcoming hardships and seeing that the end is not near. I think we all have had those moments of bleakness but it’s your attitude towards Life that makes the difference. This is the best attitude. Great piece!

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