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Hey everyone!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend! I’m looking forward to a day when I wake up and look ahead to a day of nothing but staying in my PJs and watching tv and eating junk food and dozing back off all day! It’s been a very busy time for me, but I’m loving every moment of it! I hope you are enjoying your own life at the moment! It is yours to make of it as you please so go get it!

So on top of being a teacher, I also coach netball. It’s truly a blessing to witness these girls on the court because they are completely different from the girls you teach in the classroom! And they learn so many important life lessons on the court through winning or losing, working together as a team, supporting each other, finding what they are doing wrong and fixing it – it’s beautiful!

So this is my 4th coaching year and I’ve been coaching girls that stay with me for 2 years then move on to the First and/or second teams of the school. It’s been mildly disappointing in terms of game results. Last year was probably the first year where my teams seemed to make a dent in the league. But yesterday the penny dropped. We went to the annual Saheti Sevens festival and for the first time I saw it: every single girl in the 1st team was coached by me in the lower grades! These girls developed into players to be reckoned with and I had a hand in their development!

This will never stop boggling my mind! The effect we have in people’s lives is immeasurable! And I am so lucky to be able to see a little bit of it in my lifetime and while they are still in school!

I hope you are encouraged by the knowledge that you and the work you do is not invisible! Sometimes you may not see the fruits of your labour but there are fruits guys so keep going!

Thank you so much for visiting today! Have a beautiful week 😊

1 thought on “Coach”

  1. You’re doing amazing things Nolo. I love your dedication to teaching and how it doesn’t only end in the classroom. you’re making the world a better place. 😊💜


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