Body Treat

Happy Sunday, Erbody! I hope you’ve had an awesome weekend! I tried to do some proper resting.

The end of term fatigue is starting to set in and with the end of term comes marking deadlines which have been very draining; mind you, there are still 4 weeks left! Cry with me!

On Friday while searching for a birthday present for a friend, I found these goodies at The Body Shop. Bath Bombs, the lady called them, little sweet or soap looking things that you throw in your bath! Now they don’t explode as the name suggest, they merely fizzle, changing the colour of your water and releasing an aroma to die for!

Don’t panic! I did not pee in my bath water! That is just the vanilla flavour I decided to try😂 What I like about these little bath treats is that they do not make soapy bubbles (soapy bubbles are bad for the lady parts!) They actually make your water a little creamy so as to moisturise your skin and the aroma is so relaxing!

It’s really nice to find little ways to relax when life gets hectic! I’m sure glad for these little treats! If you want to try them out, you’ll find them at your nearest Body Shop. I’m certainly going to be a regular customer now that I’ve discovered these!

Guys, thank you so much for dropping by! It’s always a pleasure to have you around! Have a beautiful week ahead. Rest, if you need to, but don’t you dare give up!😘

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