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Happy Humpday Erbody!

The week has humped and it’s all downhill from here. I am so excited that in just a few days, I will be on holiday! It’s been a long term and a long year! I just wanna rest!

So anyway, today I had every intention of sharing about my favorite jam at the moment, but I’ll save that for later🙂

My favorite thing about where I teach is African diversity. I have the privilege of teaching kids from Angola to Congo. From Zimbabwe to Mozambique. It’s really amazing! So, being in such a diverse environment also means that I often know what is happening in those African countries, well, the jits of it anyway. I’ve taught children who have been put at the back of a truck and sent to an aunt in South Africa in an attempt to escape war-stricken homeland. I know kids that couldn’t come to school during the Xenophobic attacks that often take place here. What happens in Africa has never impacted me the way it has during my time at this school.

And this is why I am so proud of my friend and colleague, Viloshni, who is heading up our Interact club this year at school. Among the many projects that she oversees, she has also started to collect clothes with the club to send to Mozambique where Cyclone Idai has devastated the many parts of the country.

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by what is happening in our neighbouring countries and even our next door neighbours that we do nothing because it seems like we have too little to offer to relieve some of the pain we see. We need to be greatful for what we have and giving to others is one way of showing that gratitude. We are fortunate enough to have just a little more than we need, we really do, and that little bit more that we have can go a long way to help those who have much less than we do!

And so I hope you are doing the same where you are. I hope you can see the needs of those in your vicinity and even beyond that and that you find that which you can offer in order to be a relief to them!

Thank you so much for visiting today! Have a beautiful week and we’ll chat again on Sunday, as always! 😘

Sidebar: sometimes I think no one really reads my blog, but yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by Afrobloggers who were so kind as to review my blog! So many affirmations of what I am doing well, and also pointers for areas of improvement. Thank you so much for this, guys!

Please check out the post here and have a look at their site as well to find more amazing African bloggers!

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