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3 Gym Buddy Benefits

Happy Sunday dear reader!

When you become a regular at the gym, you soon start making friends between sets: a nod here, a smile there, and before you know it you have a gym buddy to work out with! Today, I will be sharing 3 benefits of having a workout partner:


For me, working out can become tedious and boring especially after a long day when I’d rather go home and stare at my white walls. Having a gym buddy has motivated me to do more than I would have done on my own. A gym buddy tells you to keep going and the rest of the time, you keep going so you don’t embarrass yourself by stopping! Your partner’s zeal can be contagious pushing you to challenge yourself more than you would have on your own.


Putting together a routine for the day can sometimes feel like a chore. Sometimes doing something for yourself is not as rewarding as the motivational memes say. A gym partner can actually suggest workouts you wouldn’t have thought of before. My new gym buddy had me running 5 km! During the week! I ran the 5 km twice this week, guys and just missed my personal best by 21 seconds! I also got to share my own workouts which she loved! we both got some variety out of our session! While I didn’t really do anything brand new with my gym partner, having someone else to workout with added a new spin to the work I was are putting in, with much less rest time!


Because we are not islands, it is rewarding and fulfilling to have someone next to you who feels the pain as much as you do. Someone who is as challenged as you are by the workout you have both put together. It’s really good sometimes just to have someone next to you panting, “I’m dying!” as you trudge along! It’s such a great form of affirmation!

Well, those are the 3 things for today! Get yourself a gym partner, dear reader! It may change your gym life for the better!

I hope you noticed and like my new layout! I’m so sorry I subjected you to so much mess and thank for following despite it😊 have an awesome week😘

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