3 Things Teachers Do when on Holiday

It’s that time of the week everyone! I hope your week is going well! My long awaited end of term is finally here and I have had the privilege of turning my alarm clock off and be woken up by the light of day!

I’ve been struggling with this question since I went into teaching: exactly what do teachers do during their holidays? I’ve always felt the obligation to explain that 3 or 4 breaks in the year are not only deserved but are also necessary to avoid burn out. Yes, everyone burns out and needs a break, but the difference with us is that we can’t just close the classroom door and do work on our own during the day. I have about 2 periods off in a day and while I would love to catch up on work, other things often come up so admin often happens when I get home after a long day and I’m not always in the mood to work! And so an extended holiday becomes necessary for the following reasons:


Probably the biggest challenge for a teacher is balancing class time with all the admin that comes as a result of class time. Holiday time is the perfect opportunity to regroup, to plan for the following term and also to mark assessments under much less pressure. I, for example, have a pack of essays to mark during my break. I also have to put together a term schedule for next term which involves finding or making worksheets, reading set works and dividing them into the weeks that lay ahead. I also need to put together a schedule for project-based learning as well as critical thinking day that will be happening next term. All this work will take up at least 5 days of my holiday!


Of course one has to carve out a little time to switch off and recuperate after such a long term! It’s important! Most teachers who can afford to go away and have an actual holiday! Rest time for me is also allowing time to catch up with friends so there is always an array of breakfasts and dinners and lunches with friends I don’t have the time to see during the term. My favorite thing to do is also going to the gym at other times of the day and doing those morning classes I normally can’t do during the term!

Personal Admin

“But don’t you finish school at 2 pm every day?” Yes, we do! But I don’t have the energy to go to the bank or anywhere else accept work or home after a day of standing in front of 20 plus kids who are talking at the same time! So we often save our personal admin for the holiday when we are under much less pressure. Seriously! Unless you are sick or dying, it can wait!

Well, that’s all I have for you today! I hope I have satisfied your curiosity! Have a beautiful short week and enjoy the long weekend ahead! Love an light😘

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