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Color Cafe Hyde Park

Happy Sunday erbody! It has already been a week since my holiday started! Easter was hectic, but an awesome time of worship!

In the spirit of adventure, I accepted an invitation from my old friend to visit The Color Cafe in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. Mel has been talking about this little spot for years and yesterday, I humoured her, mostly to see her mom who is visiting!

Now I am by no means a painter, lol! If anything, I would botch anything up that has to do with drawing or painting, so I was very nervous at first!

Let go of Perfection

Basically, how it works is you pick something that you would like to paint, pick colours you would like to use and, well, just go for it! The Color Cafe has a wide range of items to choose from! I just got a potted flower (which I will hopefully not kill like the last one I had!). A quick look for ideas on Pinterest and I was ready to go! Once I got it into my head that whatever I was about to make did not need to be perfect, it was pretty easy to get started.


Silence soon fell at the table as we all got to work on our masterpieces. I like How therapeutic this activity is: we watched our canvases change colour as we were developing them. I was too worried about the details but soon discovered that, from afar, the small errors did not take away from the beauty of the work I created! What a metaphor for life, don’t you think? That we can have beautiful lives even if the details are imperfect!

Anyway, just 2 to 3 weeks and my pot will be ready for collection! I can’t wait to see what the finished product will look like! If you are in the area, this is definitely an activity you want to try out! I had a good time!

What fun things are there to do in your area? Please share in the comments! I would love to hear from you!

Have a beautiful week, dear readers! We’ll chat again on Wednesday! Thank you for popping in😘

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