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Solo Adventures

Happy Sunday, erbody! I’m still reporting from the Mother City, Cape Town, South Africa! It’s been a good few days over here! I’ve really needed this time away to remind myself that the world is bigger than my matchbox world!I love going on little adventures where I live and on the other hand, I’ve heard some awesome things about traveling alone, but I’ll be honest, it scares me! There’s the safety factor, of course, because, I’m amazing! What if they steal me and I can never go home?! But also, the insecurity of what one does on trips and if those things are actually interesting enough or explorative enough. Like, what would I actually do in a city I have never visited before where there is no one I actually know? And so, I have found comfort in traveling to visit friends as opposed to visiting places and my itinerary has depended heavily on my host’s ideas of fun things to do in that area: a cop-out, I know!Amber, my very good friend with whom I am staying in Cape Town, would not have it! Well, mostly because she is not on holiday and still has to drive her kids to school and back again and go to work herself, but still, because she is an explorer when she travels, she has been nudging me in that direction too during my stay here! And so, if she was in the city, I was left to explore the streets, markets and parks in the area – by myself!Luckily for me, she is not confined to just one office all day every day so I got to see different sides of the city while I was here. From a very foggy Kalk Bay where I caught some fresh salty and fishy air, to downtown Cape Town with its stalls, historical buildings, and squirrels for good measure!Amber really pushed me to do my own thing. These last few days, I have found myself wandering around on my own, eating on my own, exploring on my own. I could only really take pictures of scenic views. I asked a complete stranger to take a picture of me once and… well the above image was what he produced😂I had every intention of traveling to an unknown destination this year and I opted for this option instead. But I think it was still a very helpful one because it helped me to gain confidence in solo traveling under the guidance of someone who does it well! It was uncomfortable and lonely at times, but no good change is without its initial discomfort, right?So I think I’m ready for solo travel, guys! I even think I look forward to it now that I’ve learned how it’s done😊So what do you like to do when you travel on your own? I would love to hear from you! Thank you so much for popping in! Have a fantastic week, erbody😘

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