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34 Lessons I Learned in 34 Years – Part 1

Hey, everyone! As promised, I bring you the first of six installments of The Birthday Series!

Life will often teach you lessons that you either grew up believing or lessons you we taught as a child. Today is just 6 lessons that turned my belief system upside down:

Stay in your lane

This is becoming more and more important the older I get. When we were younger, we compared our lives with other kids’ lives. This has escalated as we have grown older. For me, staying in my lane involves seeing the good (and sometimes the bad) in my own life and accepting it. There are plenty of people out there who have what I wish they had and they are miserable with it! Staying in your lane requires you to keep your own pace. You will get there eventually.The tortoise got to the finish line before the hare after all.

God goes before you

God, or whatever higher power you may believe in, reveals Himself in different ways. He shows you that he has your back through different mediums, be it people or events. For me, I’ve seen God’s hand in the way aspects of my life have just fallen into place as though someone else arranged them for me long before I arrived. I usually know at that moment, without a shadow of a doubt that this was meant for me!

Some stones should be left unturned

Sometimes being restricted as a teenager makes us rebellious when we are older. As soon as we smell independance, we want to try everything! Even things that are not good for us, just for the experience. I can think of a number of things I wish I had never tried for the sake of the experience because they were to my detriment . It’s really ok to live without having experienced certain things. You are really better for it!

Women are the stronger sex

I was raised by an extremely strong woman who gave me everything I needed. Looking back on my life, it is mere luxuries that I lived without. But this is not really where I saw the true strength of a woman. I grew up believing that I would marry and my life would be better for it. My husband would be a man of God who was financially savvy, he would save me we would live a comfortable life with me always acting out my gratitude for being chosen! It was really me who would be lucky to have him! In my observations of relationships as an adult, though, I have seen that women actually carry the emotional strength and cunningness needed to thrive in this world. A family with a strong wife and mother is a thriving family because she truly carries everyone and herself. Men who understand this choose good women and are better for it.

Just be yourself

There are billions of people in the world, guys! It is not possible that absolutely no one in this world will not see goodness in you! It’s so much better and easier to find people who appreciate you when you are just being yourself. You do not work for their affection, you do not fight in order to keep them, they just stay!

Forget everyone else and do what makes you happy

I spent a great deal of my life pleasing everyone around me, doing the right thing and often being miserable for it while I watched other kids carry on as they pleased and being happy and getting what they wanted! No matter what your choices are in life, they impact you the most. Never put yourself in difficult situations for the comfort of other people!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these pearls of wisdom and, of course, some snaps of a younger me! As you can see, I haven’t changed much since my 20s!

Thank you for popping in! Have a good day 😘

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