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3 things I liked about the Wedding

Happy Sunday everyone

I hope you are having a good day!

Part of adulting means attending weddings! We get to witness all those fairytales we read about and hope for for ourselves! So I attended one such wedding yesterday and love it! Here are 3 things I liked about it!

Keep it simple

The older we get the more we realise that such fairytales come at a huge expense and it is more about the life you make together than about the wedding day. That’s why I loved how simple this couple kept everything. From the meal right down to the decor it was beautiful and elegant and so simple!

Short and sweet

We really only attend weddings to witness our loved ones make vows to each other. And the service was just that! She walked down the isle and the first thing was to exchange vows and marry. The speeches and sermon that followed were short and to the point! We very quickly moved on to celebrate!


In all the simplicity we still did not lose sight if this beautiful couple and the vow they were making to each other. I will look back on this day and remember how beautiful everything was on this day.

Well there you have it! Thank you for popping in! Have a beautiful week ahead😘

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