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34 Lessons I learned in 34 years – Part 2

Hey Everyone! the Birthdays Series continues! enjoy the 2nd of 6 installments!

Consistency is everything

The fastest way to my heart is through consistency! It is truly the one gesture that makes me feel secure. I like not having to question or doubt any situation and know that it’s going to work out a certain way. Now, when dealing with human beings, this does not always work out – I’ll get to that in my next lesson- so I am so grateful that there are certain aspects of my life that I myself can be consistent in: how often I post blogs; my gym life, parkrun and church to mention but a few. It is the only way to keep me secure and assured in myself, especially if everything else in my life is going wrong.

You can do everything right and it still won’t go your way

This is a lesson I am working through at the moment. Often when things don’t go our way, we are quick to look at all the ways we behaved badly or all the wrong decisions we made that resulted in things going wrong. But if you’re going to survive adulthood, you need to accept that sometimes you can do all the right things, wait the right amount of time, let go when you are suppose to, hold on tightly when you are suppose to and it will still not go the way you want it to. That is just the way the cookie crumbles.

Time inevitably heals all

Even in the worst abyss that life will throw you into, never let go of this lesson! Sometimes it seems as though you will never get through what you are going through, but all you need is time. You may never get an explanation for why things happened the way they did, but you will heal and you will look back in pleasant surprise at what you survived and it won’t hurt as badly in retrospect. Trust me! Bite down, cry or scream if you have to, but a day will come when you wake up and realize you have truly moved past whatever happened.

Be kind to yourself

Listen, you deserve everything good in this world, do you hear me?! Whether the world hands you what you deserve or not, give something good to yourself! Rest when you are tired, eat that chocolate, take yourself out, treat yourself with the love you wish you could get from those around you and always remember: you are doing the best that you can. As long as you don’t stay in that space and develop a bad habit, it’s really OK to do so. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Rock bottom is where you choose it to be

People always talk about hitting rock bottom. But I’ve come to learn that it can always, always get worse than it is in that moment of difficulty. Rock bottom is really the point when you decide to pick yourself back up. It’s really up to you where the bottom is.

Love is weird

When I was a Dawson’s Creek obsessed teenager, I was convinced that love is simple. I always believed that by virtue of loving someone, you deserved to have them. Boy, was I wrong! you cannot choose who you love! Sometimes you choose whom to love and sometimes it is involuntary. Sometimes it just clicks and someone is just right for you and sometimes you fall for someone that is all kinds of wrong for you! Guys, love is weird!

So that’s it for today! I hope you are having a good weekend! I’ve really littered your inbox this week, but I hope you’ve enjoyed it! We’ll chat tomorrow😊

5 thoughts on “34 Lessons I learned in 34 years – Part 2”

  1. Beautiful… love is weird!!! But no matter what….it is what gets you through everything in life. Without it, you’re lost!♥️♥️♥️


  2. “your worst enemy is not the world or anyone living in it
    Your worst enemy is human nature”…
    So indeed being kind to yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself

    Liked by 1 person

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