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Happy Wednesday Erbody!

Yesterday was our first netball game of the season! This is the first year since I started coaching that I actually dreaded the season ahead, though. Preseason was awful, nothing was going right with the players or the practises. On most days I was low in energy and often thought I taught nothing after a practice session. I struggled to maintain my passion for it this year and as a result, I just wasn’t giving it my best at all.

I’ve always believed that coaching any sport is a fulltime job and one cannot do it well along with teaching on top of your load. I’ve always felt I was not doing enough and I felt even more so this year.

So I stood there in the moments before the game, my netball girls standing around me. “Guys, I just want your best today. If you give me your best, I will be happy no matter what the outcome.” I meant what I said, but part of me was preparing for a dismal loss, to be honest!

One of my shooters is a Nervous Nancy: she’s very quick to doubt herself and I’ve often said in frustration, “Just fake it! Pretend to take the shot and go for the rebound!” She hardly ever tried that before, until yesterday! There she was, eyes on the hoop and I caught her hesitantly sneaking a look to the side for assistance. “Fake it,” I blurt out. My girl took a chance, faked it and made the shot – and every shot that followed after that!! We won the game because she finally believed what I had been saying to her for 2 years!

I found this video on my Twitter timeline and it hit me again! Coaching a sport is so tough! Believing in a team when at times they don’t even believe in themselves is heart-wrenching. But that moment they believe you and take a step and succeed is glorious and so beautiful! I was reminded today of how much I love this aspect of what I do!

So I guess we should never stop believing: in love, in hope, in victory, in anything, because a moment will come when that belief finally comes to life! I really needed that win yesterday to remind me and to spark my own hope.

Thank you for dropping by! Have a beautiful week ahead😘

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