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34 Lessons in 34 Years – Part 3

Happy Saturday, dear readers!

We’ve hit the halfway mark for this series which means my birthday is 3 weeks away! I’m a Gemini and every year without fail, I get excited for the day of my birth! I think it’s a Gemini thing because I’ve been watching a few of my fellow Geminis count down to their big days! We always expect something so exciting even though often nothing really riveting ends up happening! Maybe one day! Anyway, the 34 lessons continue! Enjoy!


Accept the good

There are so many heartbreaking things happening in the world, in big ways, and in small ways. Someone out there is crying over a man who has broken her heart while another, in the same world, is grieving the loss of a loved one. It is said that the bad that we experience help us to enjoy the good that comes before, during and after the bad. I’ve learned, especially over the past year, to see and accept the goodness in every bad situation. An ended relationship could open you up to a better one in the future or maybe you will be happiest without that person. A loss of a loved one could be the end of their suffering. It is always good in every bad situation. You may need to search extra hard for that reason sometimes, but believe me, there is always something good!

Sleep is important

Remember back when we could go out until 3 am and be up for classes at 7 am? I miss those days, but they are gone! In order for me to be fully functional at work during the week, I’ve had to put extra emphasis on the amount of sleep I get every night! Most of the self-help tips I look for lately are on how to sleep better! I am a much less grumpy person during the day if I am well rested!

Surround yourself with people who love you

I spent a lot of my 20s trying to please people and convincing myself that the encounters I had were all meaningful. Sometimes you will meet people one time, connect with them and never see them again. Sometimes people will be in your life for an extended period of time before you float away from each other. It happens. People come and go and the only thing you can do is let them and hope that the ones who truly treasure you and are truly meant for you will stay just a little bit longer…

Piece of mind trumps everything

My mom says she left my dad over 30 years ago for her own peace of mind and I never understood it until recently. It doesn’t matter what you think your life lacks. To be honest, I won’t die without a life partner or more money in my bank account, but the absence of peace has taken away the joy of the very breath that goes in and comes out of my lungs! And so that is what I strive for now. I try to take away everything in my life that hinders that peace and ability to, at the very least, function from day to day.

It’s OK to say no

I’ve spent a great deal of my life being agreeable, and more often than not, I end up regretting my decision afterward or being hurt in the process of pleasing others. I literally feel guilty the minute I say no to an offer or request and want to make it right by explaining it. No more. There is nothing wrong with putting your needs first sometimes.


Stay in your lane

I can remember the saddest days of my life being those days when I compared myself to other people. I catch myself wondering when my wedding day will be as I watch my friend’s exchange vows, I wonder how my wealthier friends get their finances right, sometimes I wish I was like my colleague who loves being single and while she would like to have a partner, she is perfectly happy on her own. If only I could be like them: happy and content! But I can be so, as long as I focus on my own life and try not to mimic those around me so much! I want to see my own simple life as beautiful too!

Well that’s all from me! Have an awesome weekend! Thanks for popping in😘

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