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Game of Thrones: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Happy Wednesday erbody!

It’s been a good week for me! I’ve been back at the gym after slacking a lot and I’m also feeling more focused than I’ve been in a while at work! In short, I feel more like myself this week and I’m so glad😊

If you didn’t know this about me, then let me lay out the cards: I love watching series! If there’s anything I’m grateful for about this new age of streaming and instant gratification, it’s being able to binge watch my favourite series! Today, I wanna talk about some of the things I liked and disliked about Game of Thrones seeing as everyone is talking (actually mostly complaining) about the final season.

Daenerys’  Downward Spiral

Danny was definitely one of my favourite characters to watch for since season one! Her strength and her unwavering faith in herself was an incredible sight to see. Believing in herself truly paid off too, because she fulfilled what she said about herself every time! Talk about speaking things into existence! It truly broke my heart to watch her spin out of control so quickly in the final season. She deserved so much more after the work she put in over the years! But this is how I choose to remember her though:

Jamie is Trash!

Guys, Jamie will go down in my history books as the player who deflowered a woman who loved him against her better judgement for years! This man chose his sister over her, time and time again. He eventually gives the warrior woman a second look only to leave her the very next day to die with – wait for it- his sister! Trash trash trash!

Brienne and Tormund Forever!

For no other reason than the hopeless romantic in me, It really bothered me that Tormund spent all that time gawking at Brienne to no avail! Brienne did completely ignored a perfectly beautiful red man who couldn’t hide how in awe he was of her and kept her eyes fixed on this other trash guy! Love is truly blind deaf and dumb, you know! She should have just cuffed him instead of saving herself for that silly Jamie! I do hope Tormund finds happiness, though!

Nothing Lasts

This may be because I like to say goodbye quickly and painlessly without dragging things out (aargh!!) but I was mildly annoyed about the majority’s reaction to the how everything was tied up at the end of GOT. I understand that we had been following this epic drama for 7 seasons and waited 2 years for the final season, but I’ve also been bidding farewell to The Big Bang Theory which ended last Thursday and I realised that elaborating certain storylines at the end of the show really just drags out the farewell. Yes, we are sad to say goodbye but everything must come to an end and most times we are left confused and without the answers we expected or wanted. That’s how the cookie crumbles. Some of the stories that people say were left unexplained would have dragged out the goodbye, to be honest, and it was probably best to leave us hanging!

Climax or Nah?

I don’t know if this is a good, bad or ugly thing, but this season really peaked in episode 3! Those white walkers seemed impossible to defeat and Aryria, the most unlikely hero did it! I was ready to hand her that iron throne myself at the end of that episode! For me, the season could have ended right there!

The Starks were Avenged

I don’t know why everyone is so angry about Brandon getting the throne! Remember what happened to Ned? His wife? His eldest son? No matter how you slice it, the Starks are avenged in the end! This boy’s move along with the north declaring independence hands down fixes everything this family went through! There’s your happy ending! And you all have to admit: no one saw Brandon being the king coming. That was a huge surprise!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t regret a single episode of this last season. Sure, it wasn’t always perfect and I desperately want to know where the dragon carried Dany to after her death, but we kept watching right until the end, didn’t we?! They really had us!

Thank you so much for sticking this post out! I know I went on for longer than usual today, but believe me, I cut it short! Have an awesome week and I’ll sneak into your inbox again soon😘

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