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34 Things I learned in 34 Years – Part 4

Happy Saturday Erbody!

I hope you’ve had a great week! life is pretty busy on my side of the world. There’s barely any time to catch my breath! But we soldier on to the other side where sleep and rest awaits! Anyway, the series continues today:


Social Media May be the Death of Us!

3 years ago, I learned the hard way how social media opens us up to so many difficulties that would have been avoidable! While having an account or many accounts keeps us in touch with those who were in our lives before and gives us access to so much more of the world than we can imagine, it can also makes us victims to depression, feelings of inadequacy and sadness. Because of pretty filters and an inclination to display ourselves and our lives as perfectly as possible, it leads to us comparing ourselves to other people who travel more than we do, have bigger houses and generally appear more successful than we are. We very quickly find ourselves in competition with these people. I think it’s good to keep your business off line and focus more on actually living your life as opposed to recording it for the world to see.

Ignorance is Bliss… Sometimes

It’s OK not to know why certain doors were closed to you. It’s OK to be kept in the dark about why things didn’t work out the way you had hoped. You have no idea the difficulties and heartaches you are spared by being rejected, be it at a job that seemed amazing or a relationship that had potential. Be grateful for the way things are instead of pining for what could have been!

Your Gut is Right

Your gut feeling is sometimes that knee jerk reaction you have in the heat of the moment. Trust it sometimes and see how it saves and takes you to better places in your life. I never really believed my gut much until it was too late and I think if I believed the red flags that shot up in so many situations, I would have made wiser decisions in my life.

Laugh at the mess

It’s such a good feeling when you have survived a difficulty in life and you look back on that experience and are able to chuckle at how you cried and declared you would never survive and you actually realize that you did survive despite all that disappointment. I want to learn to laugh at the mess while I am in the mess because of the guarantee that better days are coming!

Adulting gets Harder

I hate to break it to you but adulting gets more difficult the older you get. The goals move higher up the ladder and life often moves the goal posts around, just to remind you that you are not in full control. But the good news is that you will be stronger and better equipped to handle what is thrown at you if you choose to learn from past blunders and when those plot twists come, you know for a fact that you will survive because you have come so far as it is.

The Grass is not Always Greener on the Other Side

I have many friends that I envy sometimes. I envy their lives, who they turned out to be and the better opportunities they have. To my surprise, I found that those same friends envy me too! They sometimes wish they had some of the benefits I have of being me! It’s important to dust off your life and look after it. Find everything that is good about your life and enjoy the hell out of it because there will come a time when you have the things you are praying for now and you will look back on the time when you were still praying for those things and a small part of you will wish you could go back – trust me! Water your own lawn and stop wishing you could live next door!

Well that’s all from me for today! There still 2 more posts left before this series is done and dusted and 2 more weeks before I actually turn 34! I cannot wait! It’s gonna be a good one!

Thank you for popping in! It’s always a pleasure to have you hear and to know that someone out there is reading and enjoying this as much I enjoy writing it! We’ll chat again tomorrow😘

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