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Critical Thinking Day

Helloooo! It’s Wednesday!

Look at you, kicking butt at everything you do! You’re doing great, sweety! Keep at it!

So, yesterday was our school’s Critical Thinking day. We have one once a term. In a nutshell, Critical Thinking day is when the high school mixes up all the grades and all the teachers, splits them up into about 12 groups and we tackle something that is outside of the academic classroom. The topics are chosen by the students through a survey and the most popular topic wins!

It’s a lot of hard work, trying to convince a handful of non believers that we need to groom students that will eventually go out into the world and run it, but it’s been running for a few years and has come a long way from when we started having them.

shop till you drop

Yesterday’s theme was Consumerism and it’s impact on the world and the everyman. The vast majority was not excited at all about this one! I got a “meh” from one of the deputies and basically frowns from the others who were not riveted by this topic that seemed less interesting compared to the Identity, Gender equality topics we’ve had before. Some of the questions that were posed were very thought providing and I thought of pass them along:

What do you and your family do with your cellphones when they get old?

Have you ever thought of how your clothes are made and by whom?

How often do you buy clothes

The expensive brands that we wear are often made in another country where factory workers are paid very little to make them. How does this make you feel about paying large sums of money for the labels you wear?

What are you going to do with your Matric dance (prom) dress? Do you think you will wear it again?

what do you do with your old clothes?

What happens with your clothes when you stop wearing them or they are no longer trending?

Well, this is really just the snapshot of a snapshot of what Critical Thinking Day is all about. It would be really cool to let you tag along to the next one, alas admisssion is reserved for a select few, but the day turned out to be a success; thought was provoked! At the end of the day’s activities, that same deputy came back to me saying, ” actually, that was very very interesting. I learned a lot!” Now, this topic of discussion may not result in us steering away from that brand we now know runs factories in other countries where people get paid very little and work under dangerous conditions, but my hope is that we become more mindful of what, how and where we buy.

Guys, I am swimming in words lately! I have exam and test questions, essays and test answers coming out of my ears, but yesterday was a satisfyingly thought provoking day!

I hope that wherever you are, you are trying to make a difference in whatever form you are doing it! We are that lady on the beach picking up beached starfish and tossing them back into the safety of the sea. We are the mosquito in the room, as Thabang Thinks so fittingly shared! So go out there and do what you can where you can!

Have an awesome week! I’ll see you on Sunday!

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