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34 Things I Learned in 34 Years – Part 5

Happy Sunday, dear readers!

The big day is in 1 week! I love my birthday month! I love celebrating with the other babies born in this month and of course celebrating my own birthday… Anyway! It’s not here yet! The Birthday Series continues in the meantime!

Whether you Think it or Not. You’re Right.

Sade says it best: You’re so much better than you know! Stop doubting yourself so much and just take the leap! Do the thing that scares you and you will find that you will do better than you believed! Trust me!

Silence is Good

I’ve always thought of myself as an extrovert. I love being around all kinds of people. It’s my favourite thing about being a teacher! But man, nothing beats coming home after a night out or a full day of kids to silence! For about an hour, when I get home, I wonder around the house in silence. It. Is. Bliss! It’s so good for regrouping and relaxing! Seriously! Try it!

Let it go

We experience way too much pain not because we have been hurt, but because we don’t let go of the hurtful experience. We nurse that pain and wallow in it! Cry, if you must but get back up and keep moving, dear one!

Keep a Variety of Friends

I love the variety of friends I have. Different people from different walks of life make for a much more colour world! Keep all your different wierdo friends close!

Own Your Throne

This is your life. This life right here and right now. It’s important to own it, possess it, it is yours! Once you do that, you enjoy every simple moment more than before. There is always something good to find in this life. Always. Believe me!

I hope you enjoyed the penultimate post, erbody!

Before I go, I’d like to take a moment to wish this ☝ beautiful, vibrant woman a very Happy Birthday! Thuli, I think you’re so amazing and I’m glad I have you in my life! Have a beautiful day, my love!

Ok, I’m done for real! I’ll see you guys tomorrow! I hope you are having a great weekend😘

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