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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you had a restful weekend!

Before patriarchal colonialism ruined matriarchal communities, women connected to support each other and offer a place of emotional rest. Fast forward to 2019 and my girls and I brought this ancient practice back to a morden-ish day setting.

Imagine a house in the middle of the bushes with only the sound a stream ripple on the rocks and light chatter in the background. Utopia, am I right?!


It’s been so good to get away for the last 24 hours. We had no electricity, but what a blessing to switch my cellphone off and be present in the moment and reconnect with my people!

My People

Guys, please make sure that you have people in your life that you can be completely yourself with! These ladies breathe life into me and it was such a blessing to be with them during this time! I love you, guys!

It’s highly recommended to take a break from life from time to time in order to regroup.I’m so ready for the week ahead! I feel revitalised and reenergised for whatever life has for me!

Have an awesome week, dear reader! Take this bull by the horns and conquer it! We’ll chat soon😘

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