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Fail Better

Good evening erbody!

I’m so sorry, I didn’t show up earlier. This week was heavy and writer block came at me fast! I got my second wind just now and had checked in with you before bed!

In the spirit of focusing on the good, today, in my English class, we spoke about failing. My kids hate failing tests! I have been giving death stares and teary begging as a result of marks they were dissatisfied with. And so they struggle to wrap their heads around the idea of failing over and over before experiencing success.

This particular class happens to also comprise of my under 15 netball team. When they had a different coach last year they lost all 5 of their league matches save for 1 and this season seemed to look like it was heading in the same direction.

Today they played on astroturf with a net overhead – a complete change from an open clay court; they would be uncomfortable.We focused a great deal on short and shoulder passes to prepare for the game and their hard work paid off – they won their second game for this year’s league – one more than they did last season!

Now, we still have 2 more games so it still remains to be seen how they will perform overall, but I cannot explain to you how excited they were about today’s win! No matter how they fair in the remainder of the season, they still won a whole TWO games!

Today my girls learned the victory that lies in failing better. They are by far not the best in the league but they made progress today, and progress is triumph in itself!! I am a very proud coach!

I hope that even in the heaviness you experience in your life that there is light too. I hope you have blessings to count every day!

Thank you for popping in, even though I was late. I appreciate your continued support! Have a beautiful week and I’ll chat to you on my birthday!!!

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