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Hotel California

Happy Sunday erbody!

It’s been such a crazy weekend, but I enjoyed it a lot! it was my birthday afterall! I have to share with you about this place I visited on Friday night!

Illyria House is a bed and breakfast on a hilltop overlooking the Pretoria CBD. There is no view, however. The tall trees cocoon us in, making it feel like you are far away from civilisation.

My friend decided a night away with a full body massage would be the perfect birthday present for me.

The entrance is inviting and opens up like a grand entrance to something magical but inside is nothing but antiques on. The owner of the place sits and paints all day while she welcomes her guests to the place.

A water feature just outside drowns out the sound of traffic and I knew that this was the kind of seclusion I needed.

I had a great night there, but couldn’t shake the “Hotel California” feeling after a while. You know what I mean: it’s a lovely place but your feel trapped, almost like once you arrive, you can’t leave again!

If you want to get away for a night, this is definitely the place for you! They also have facilities for massages which we had the next day. It was really nice to get out for 24 hours but I must say, I loved coming home at the end of our stay!

So guys! Really, try this place out, but not for too long! It’s nice to get away from the city without the tedious travelling.

I hope that you have a safe haven to escape to when life gets a little overwhelming. And I hope you that you love your life enough to return to it!

Have a fabulous week! I have another review for you for Wednesday so keep your eyes on the ground!

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