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Baha Taco

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It’s been a tough week for me. I’ve been struggling to sleep! I’m not more stressed than usual nor am I unhappier than usual it’s weird and I hope it ends soon…


So as promised! I’m gonna tell you about one of my favourite spots to eat at! Baha Taco is a Mexican place in Norwood, Johanesburg. It specialised in street Mexican food!

Being at this place a lot like being at home. The menu is on the walls so you don’t need to wait for the waiter to order. The cooldrinks and water are in the fridge where you can help yourself and pay at the till. I actually feel bad for the waiters because they really just bring the food that you have ordered at the counter anyway!

I would definitely recommend you try this spot out if you’re in the area, not just because it’s Mexican food!

So where do you like to eat out? I would love to hear from you!

Have an awesome week my readers! It’s gonna weird not writing anything up for the weekend, but honestly I need a bit of a break! Thanks for popping in😘

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