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Anonymous: The Strength of a Woman

Hey everyone!

While, my Birthday Series just ended, Anonymous soldiers on until the end of the year! Basically, this series is monthly installments written by people who would like to remain – wait for it- anonymous! I’ve had this one in my drafts just waiting for the right time and I’m so glad that it’s finally here! Enjoy the post!


On Mother’s Day, while spending the day with the woman I call mom and the rest of our family, there was a moment as we gave my mom flowers when I saw her smile. I have seen her smile a lot in my life but on this day, it got me reflecting on a lot of things that have happened to us as a family and to her as a woman.

This reflection was different as a lot of emotions came trickling in. I’ve always had to hide my emotions growing up because men were taught never to get emotional. This is unhealthy and becomes a bad habit that leads to a lot of hurt being kept inside – but that’s a topic for another day.

Back to my story. My mom smiling is nothing new, but this was different because I got to ask myself how she does it. Years ago, my late sister was raped by a very close relative of ours who is still a free man; he never faced justice. This brought up so much pain for me, because when you see your parent cry because her family accuses her daughter, a rape victim, of lying and everyone around you, even her siblings, cover up for this man, calling her daughter a liar, I can’t begin to imagine the pain my sister went through and the pain my mother went through when all of this happened.

Well they moved on somewhat and my sister met a guy a few years later and tried picking up the pieces of her life. She would later have a son from that relationship, but she never got to raise his as she passed away soon after that.

Where did my mother get all that strength to bury her daughter who died without ever finding justice for a crime that befell her?

I am still amazed by my mother’s strength and even as I write this, tears are streaming down my face. I have never talked to anyone about this but you. When trouble comes my way, I always remember to put everything in the hands of God. This is my mom’s source of strength. Countless things have happened in my mother’s life and I have seen her at her lowest but when I saw her smile on Mother’s Day, that was a sure sign to me that God is real.

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